Sunday, July 10, 2011

Music in the Park....

Last night HB and I were party animals! We went to a concert! No, we didn't see any big name group but we had a lot of fun and heard some good music....and all we had to do was walk down to the park that's only about a block from our house.

Every summer we have the Starlight Concert series at the local amphitheater.

(This photo is from the internet and shows another group playing.)

We take our lawn chairs, walk down, pay $5 each and we have an evening of entertainment. HB and I usually like to sit on a small hill just outside the area shown above. Over the years we've lived here, we've seen some pretty good groups. The concerts used to be free but since they built the new amphitheater they charge $5. It's still a bargain. Last night we saw Evolution. They're a Journey tribute band and they were really good. Next weekend America will be performing on their 40th anniversary tour.
I have some art ready to share with you but I'm waiting until tomorrow to post it. It's for the Summer of Color and this week's color is brown. At first I thought it would be a difficult color to work with but it ended up being easy for me. I never did do anything for last week's color of yellow. I just couldn't get inspired. So see you tomorrow and I'll have a journal spread and my index cards.


  1. A Journey tribute band? That sands like a great evening concert! Yey!

  2. Hi Janet, long time no see. I alternate a lot of my bloglist for variety and was glad to see your familiar name today. I KNEW it was the same Janet! Just knew.

    Just came from a Women's Spirtitual retreat and oh the wonderful feelings that come from time with sisters.

  3. There's nothing much better than an outdoor summer concert...sounds wonderful! Glad you had such a nice evening.

  4. Sounds like a great night out Janet

  5. that concert sounds like fun, and just 5.00, wow. It looks like a great place from the picture.

  6. perfect for a summer outing in the evening - hope it was as good as it looked from the pic!

  7. Music in the park sounds wonderful!

  8. That's my favorite part of summer, all the outdoor concerts and festivals! Sounds find, and reasonable too! Surprisingly I like a good tribute band too! Have a great week. I look forward to the brown art....brown and beige as you know are my least favorite colors!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Sounds like a very plesant evening
    We have a nice park in town but it is not within walking distance and the only thing I know of there is the Pioneer day in Oct. We always try to go to that.
    I love shades of brown, can't wait to see the next piece.

  10. WOW Janet! $5 is a bargain..and you can't beat that location!

  11. Cheap and convenient, and that does look like a ton of fun. It's great to take opportunities like this. Summer is great for events like these, since everyone has a lot of free time.


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