Thursday, July 07, 2011

Some Exciting News....

It's been a few days since I've posted. A few very hot and unusually humid days! So you know what that means....not much art gone done. Actually not much of anything has been done. I lose my energy in hot weather.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my "imperfect" gal. I think we all need to embrace our own imperfections and be happy with them.

I had an exciting day on Tuesday. I was interviewed for our local Lifestyle magazine! Rich Breault of the Valley Press came to the house and took lots of photos of my art and a couple of me, too. He was very easy to talk with and HB and I enjoyed meeting him. I'm looking forward to the article, and hope that it might generate some interest and get me in touch with some local artists and creative people.

My index cards got a little behind but I caught up today. 
Here are the latest ones:

July 5th - some paper scraps 
and a picture of a seashell from an old book

July 6th - more scraps of paper
and a picture from an old calendar

July 7th - paper scraps and a flower image from a paper kit.

Now I'm off to find a cool spot to curl up with a book. I might make a fruit smoothie for my lunch and that's about all I can plan on doing today. HB has a dental appointment so the afternoon is mine.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your relaxing afternoon! It's hot and humid here, and I hate to keep the girls indoors but it's just too hot for me out there!! Congratulations on the magazine article...very exciting! If there is an online link to it when it comes out, I hope you will share it with us.

  2. Congratulations on the interview, you must feel so excited. Enjoy your afternoon. x

  3. Welcome to hot and humid! I'm tired of it already. Congratulations on the magazine interview. Exciting! Like your ICADs ... I am finding them addicting!!!!! Will post some of them tomorrow Stay cool and enjoy your smoothies (I visited Costco and came home with mangoes for smoothies. .... yum.....)

  4. Wow Janet, how exciting! I hope it opens the doors you wish it to open (and some windows too!). Love your index pages :)

  5. Such good ideas you have.I like your index card idea.Congrats. on your magazine articale.How does that work?How did they find you?

  6. Wow congratulations for taking that next step! I hope you will post the article in case we can't get the magazine here! I am not a heat baby either...never have been. Just cooled down today...after a few hot ones....I'm excited to see what was written about you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Anonymous3:14 PM

    love your shell art,, that book and smoothie sound great,, i don't feel like doing much when its hot either, I know all about imperfection and that was my topic today on my blog,your work is beautiful, congrats on the interview,, good for you!!

  8. Hi an honor to have an interview about your art. I hope you do hear from creative folks in your area.
    It has actually cooled down's been in the 80's and we've been getting some showers almost every day this week.
    Love your ICADs!!!

  9. Congrats my friend-I would love to see the article when it is published.

  10. lovng those cards, and congrtulations again, you deserve it, and If I lived there we could be art buddies.

  11. lovng those cards, and congrtulations again, you deserve it, and If I lived there we could be art buddies.

  12. OH wow congratualtions Janet... how exciting is that? Please share the article or pics here as I wont be getting the mag over here obviously but so looking forward to reading it.

    Also - a bit envious of your warm/hot weather... I am almost over this cold snap we are having....brrrr.

  13.'re going to be a local celebrity...CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I wish I could send you some of our cooler temps your way. As Winterwood said, we've been having quite a cold snap here this past week.

    Great cards!!

  14. Janet! I knew you were famous!! Congratulations on the upcoming press coverage, this is super exciting. Your fan in germany, tj

  15. In print again, I can hardly wait to see it. Not only has it been very hot but we are in real need of rain, it is so dry we could loose our grass, can not water as some peoples wells are going dry.
    At least you are staying busy with the ICA.

  16. Janet, that is absolutely wonderful! You're famous! ;-)

  17. Congratulations! That is so cool! I hope you'll show us the article. We had only two hot days and I found it difficult to function normally... Smoothie sounds like the right thing on such a warm day.

  18. Hot, humid days can really drain my energy. Hope you had a lovely relaxing afternoon.
    Love your index cards. Great way of using up scraps.
    Can't wait to see a copy of your interview. Well done.


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