Saturday, July 09, 2011

Some Loot and My ICADs

We finally got a break from the humidity and it's back to our normal hot.Yesterday I was out to get my hair cut so I just made it an afternoon and went to B&N and Michael's. Did you know Michael's is now selling Copic markers?!! I just happened to stumble upon them and couldn't believe my eyes. The clerk told me they're getting in the air brush system, too. Now I'm really in BIG trouble!! Here's the loot I brought home with me:

I wasn't going to buy any more magazines but then I couldn't resist the article on Teesha Moore and the other one on Michelle Ward. And the Tim Holtz paper just screamed at me so I had to get it. The Copic markers I got are a flesh tone and a light pink. I want to try them on some faces.

These are the tapes I got. I already have the number tape in black but I love the red, and the other tapes were on the clearance rack so they jumped into my basket, too. I had a fun afternoon.

And here are my latest index cards.

A real quickie! Wallpaper, scrapbook paper, 
and an illustration from a book.
I added a little marker and called it done!

This one has a copy of a weird woman
I did quite awhile ago.
Some scraps of paper, the image, and Voila!
Since her eyes are so odd I used words
to call attention to them.

I'm working on some journal pages and some other things but nothing is finished yet. Stay tuned! As long as the humidity stays away I'll be productive. I may be tweaking my blog over the next few days so if you see something strange it might just be me experimenting. Have a fun weekend....


  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    you are just so darn crafty,, ideas ideas,, you just inspire me so much,, I love that tape,

  2. Janet,Were having the same weather in Rancho Cacamonga.The last few days were so bad,I think today is better.You sound just like me-Hair cut,Micheals,then to rest in B&N-if they will please stop taking our comfortable chairs away.My husband and I also love going on dates there too.I'm going to check out those markers your talking about-Copic?I never heard about them.Micheals is my toy store.My favorite place.

  3. Hi Janet! What cool stuff you got- I love the tape. That's for visiting my blog and commenting- it always makes my day :) That line stencil is from long ago when I did stamping and more scrapbooking. Your cards are so cute too- wish I'd gotten in on that .

  4. Both your cards spoke to me today. That house could easily be my home. Your layout is so simple and clean, almost breathtaking.

    The girl made me smile. Or perhaps it was the combo of your text too. It's so clever, not excuses for not beeing well enough but nailing it right away. BULLS EYE if you ask me. I really like it.

  5. Oh the new Art Journaling is out, I may have to run to town for it. Our Michaels never had copic markers, I will have to check it out. They are pricey but they are the really great. I have a black one.


  6. A very successful trip I'd say. You are a busy bee.

  7. you have no idea how envious I am of you being able to get all those goodies over there like the magazines... nothing like that here! I must find out how/where I can get that magazine over here!!

  8. ok you and i have the same schedule for hair, I need to get mine cut now, I bought the tape, in red yesterday, two paintbrushes, already had the magazines, already had the tim holtz paper, love the index cards,

  9. Hi Janet...nice haul at Michael's and B&N! Cool tape! I love your ICADs! The one with the weird woman rocks!!! Hmmm, can't wait to see what you are up to...

  10. Isn't it wonderful to come home with art and craft goodies?!!! I've never tried the Copic markers but I've heard nothing but good things about them. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on how well they work with drawing faces. Great index cards yet again! You're on quite a roll with them, Janet...very inspiring!

  11. Great stash. You are so lucky, here in the UK those mags are not in any of the shops I know, so I have to buy on-line and pay high postage costs. I buy usually when someone I follow is published.

    Am loving your index cards, all so different.

  12. Michaels and Barnes and Nobel???!!!! Brave girl!!!!! The ICADS are fun. YeeHaw!!!!!! (And it uses up scraps that I just couldn't throw away!)

  13. Oh you just 'happened' to stumble on those Copic markers did you? LOL.I love the look of that paper tape, can't wait till we can get it here.
    Gee you will have a great collection when you finish the index card challenge.


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