Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer of Color - Brown....and Lots of It!!

When I saw that brown was the color for this week I didn't think I'd be able to come up with something. Brown is not one of my favorite colors but it was surprisingly easy to work with. I just thought of sepia photographs and how much I like them and that's all it took.

I used a photo of my mom when she was very young
she was probably about 16 or 17 years old....

Then I thought about her life 
and what she did for me and for my dad....

The rest was easy.
The background was done with distress ink pads straight to the journal pages, then a paper doily used as a stencil with some spray ink. The border is an eraser stamp I carved, and the collage pieces are from my new Tim Holtz paper.
I even kept the brown theme going for my index cards! 
Here is the one for yesterday:
I couldn't resist that bit of text.
Can't remember where I found it
but it's great!

and below is the one I did today:
I used sepia Faber-Castell markers
but they look black in the photo.

I think brown turned out to be a fun color to work with and I'm sure I'll be using it again. Thanks, Kristin, for giving me the chance to explore brown. And be sure to click on the button on the side of my blog to learn more about the Summer of Color and to visit other participating blogs.


  1. lovely pages Janet...and love the idea of using those spiral index cards!

  2. Love the brown! Your page for your Mom is lovely. Wrinkles ... what wrinkles (love the quote). I always like your girls ... so girlie!!!! :D :D :D New post up in a hour or so. I got carried away!!! :D :D :D

  3. What a beautiful page for your Mum! I love the quote about wrinkles, very apt as I am about to retire next year!

  4. Beautiful and special pages Janet. Love them. Annette x

  5. What lovely atmosphere in your spread. And it almost looks like 3-D.
    The doily in upper right corner has this nice shadow thst create depht. I really like this spread even though brown is not one of my favs too.

  6. Your brown turned out beautifully!

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your Mum. These pages are wonderful, love all the details and that's a lovely photo.

  8. Such great pages Janet! The one of your mum is just fabulous! Beautiful and sentimental.

  9. Love your carved stamp- I just tried that too. Very cool pg.

  10. gosh i love them all, did you know
    your mom looks like you alot, and i love that picture of the girl with the swilrlying hair, all really good

  11. Such a beautiful spread for your mom, and I love your Zentangle-style index card!

  12. That is a beautiful page, You really did a great job with brown. Great index cards too.

  13. Oh I just loved that piece to your mum... it really is beautifully done and so special. Love it a lot!

    clever ol' you thinking of sepia for brown... I would have been stumped for ideas on that one!

  14. A lovely spread in brown! Your mother is beautiful! I'm loving your idex cards too along with that quote!
    Jessi xox

  15. Lovely tribute to your mum, and you really made brown beautiful!

  16. all great works...the journal page with your mum and that amazing photo i just love...what would we do without our mamas...yes, i ended up loving the browns just like

  17. This is a great picture of your mom
    I never really thought about how much you look like her until now.
    Bery clever use of the color brown
    and without a doubt one of my favorites from your work. Do like the gtrl with the wild hair and the saying is priceless.

  18. WHAT a beautiful page! I love the fact that you focused on your Mom - and the sepia tones are a perfect fit. Sweet text and lovely textures. AND so much fun in your other brown pieces - LOVE the saying about wrinkles ;) xo

  19. Janet your brown is a keepsake for sure! Love the wrinkles quote too!

  20. Hi Janet...I only spent a few minutes online yesterday. Your brown page turned out lovely...I love sepia tones. Your index cards are great as well... I like the wrinkle quote...the girl you drew is really good.

  21. Yep the brown is awesome! Love the photo of your mom and I do see the likeness! Really great tribute to her! My mom loved to sew as well! The most extravagant thing she ever bought herself was a singer sewing machine that I still have! Very one dimensional but still works. She recycled long before it was fashionable...made a pair of white shorts when I was a toddler out of an apron of my dads. She was very creative. So was my dad! Good job with all the the cards Janet! Fun!

    Hugs Giggles

  22. gorgeous brown

  23. Hi Janet,
    Ohhh, More fabulous art coming from you're studio.
    My favourite is your MOM page!
    Creative hugs,

  24. Anonymous7:23 AM

    These pages are wonderful the subtle backgrounds really showcase the photo

  25. Gorgeous, rich browns! I love it!!

    So glad I found your blog through the "All Kinds Of Artists Artist Blog Hop." I am your newest follower!

    I welcome you to visit my blog, too.

    Mary C. Nasser

  26. brown was a good color for you to work with. love the results.

  27. That was lovely work...
    brown gave it a classic ambiance..
    really nice

  28. Janet,No wonder, I already follow you.I was going through summer of color blogs and realized you were the only one I already knew :)so I wasn't surpised that I like your art.

  29. Fantastic Journal Pages! And you have made brown pretty! Tee

  30. Lovely tribute to your mom. Beautiful journal work!!

  31. I tend to think of brown as boring but certainly not here. Love these pages and great honor to your mom. You look alike I think.

  32. A beautiful tribute page for the 'brown' theme, Janet. Your creativity shone through despite not being overly thrilled with the colour.


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