Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I Did on My Blog Break....

Today I'll show you a few of the things I made while I was on my break. I didn't do art every single day but I tried to keep involved with it. A few days I spent just throwing paint on a huge piece of red rosin paper. It didn't end up going anywhere so I cut it up and used it for some smaller projects....

The three pieces above are about 4" x 6" and I layered them onto scrapbook paper that is 5" x 7"....they really are centered even though the scans look like they aren't. I put them in dark frames and I think they look good. The scans don't really do them justice but when I tried to photograph them that was even worse. Why is art so difficult to photograph?

You can see them on the right side of the mantel in the photo above along with some of my other art. I just had them sitting there so I could see what they look like from a distance. They aren't all going to stay there! In fact none of them will. Most of these pieces are going to the hair salon.

I'll show you more tomorrow but for now that's it.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello! Remember me???

Did you forget me? Did you think I was never coming back? There were times when I thought the same thing! It was so freeing to just get up each day and not think about the computer or my blog. I simply did whatever I felt like doing....and many days that ended up being a whole lot of nothing!

HB was gone for part of the time. He flew back to PA for a family reunion. I was a complete slob while he was away!! I painted in the kitchen, wore my jammies all day, stayed up later than usual (my normal bedtime is about midnight) and generally just had some quiet time for me.

But now I'm ready to jump back into things. As I said when I went on break, I was going to keep up with the index cards but I didn't think I'd be doing any more faces....that held true.

These are my index cards from Aug 10th thru Aug 18th. As you can tell, I'm struggling to keep my interest on these. Some days I just slammed down anything to say I made a card....not the way you should participate in a challenge!

I also worked in one of my art journals....

There were a couple of pages where I had scraped on some left-over brown paint. I added a layer of cream to tone it down, then used a stencil and some Color Wash in Stream to add another layer.

I like the way it looked at that point so I began adding some circles cut from scraps of paper, and a border of diamond shapes....

Sorry about the clips along the side....the page wanted to curl up all the time.

This is the left page above....

and the right page....
I'm not crazy about the quote but I used it anyway!

Since I'm going to be displaying my art in the hair salon, I began making more small canvases. I have several new ones to show you but that will be for another day. For now, I'm back and will try to slowly ease into the blogging world again. I've missed all of you. Thanks for all the emails checking up on me. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

I Need to Re-charge....

Image from Google images
Every so often I have to recharge my creative batteries and that time is now. I've been feeling a little stressed out lately and haven't been producing anything I really like so I'm taking a two week blog break. I'll return sometime around the 26th of this month.

During that time I probably won't be around Blogland very much but who knows....I might just pop up here and there when you least expect it. And I'll always answer emails.

I plan to immerse myself in some classes I've taken and haven't done anything with. Then I think I'll read and relax and just do whatever I want to do. But I'll be back! And I'll keep up with my index cards and my daily faces so there will be lots to show you when I return. I hope you don't forget about me!!

Image from Google images

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Did It!!

I finally got the Spiced Nectarine Butter made today. HB helped me and it turned out really good. It made two pints....I didn't have any small jelly jars, which would have been better. There was just a little bit left over in the pan and I scooped it into a dish and we were both tasting it. I'd give it a 10!

From this....

to this....

Here they are cooling on the counter. 
I'm sure this will get eaten very quickly!

I've been keeping up with both my challenges, too. Here are the sketches I did for the last two days....

The one on the left is going to have one of those small hats, a Fascinator....and I want to do a face with spike-y hair sort of like mine only wilder. Please remember, these are just quickie sketches, not finished pieces. I'm just getting my ideas down on paper and when I get some time (whenever that might be!) I'll develop them into either journal pages or small paintings.
And here are my most recent index cards....

I'm really getting down to using just about anything to make these! I'd say none of these are really all that good but I'm doing one a day. Maybe from all this I'm learning something about joining long challenges!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'm Still Doing Them....

I'm doing a little catch-up here on the blog. I haven't had much computer time the past few days....sorry I haven't been around to visit much. I'll be doing some of that later today.
Last night HB and I walked down to the park for another summer concert. It was a tribute band doing Bruce Springsteen. If you ever have a chance to see a band called The Rising....DON'T!! It was terrible. The sound mix was beyond bad and the band itself wasn't much better. Maybe they were having an off night but HB and I both felt, even at $5 a piece for tickets, that we were robbed!

I'm so proud of myself for still keeping up with the index cards. I did another little grouping to catch you up through yesterday. I haven't done one yet for today. I usually do my cards in the evening.

And I've also been doing my daily faces although I must admit that I haven't had a lot of time so I've just been doing quick pencil sketches in my moleskine....things I hope to later turn into paintings.

The girl on the left was inspired by a painting I saw on Laila's blog. I like exotic, ethnic looking women and want to try one. Then the next day I drew a woman with a flower in her hair.

The drawing on the left will eventually be a mermaid, and the girl on the right is just a face....maybe a "girl-next-door" type. When I get time I'll try to develop these into some paintings but for now this is what I had time to do....at least I'm sticking to the daily face challenge although I may not be following the rules exactly!
Yesterday HB and I harvested almonds and nectarines. Usually our nectarines aren't all that good but I'm going to try making some Spiced Nectarine Butter. We have a fairly good crop this year and I would like to be able to use them for something.The almonds always get used. It's nice having the almond trees even though they're in the front yard. Who plants nut trees in the front yard!!! Obviously someone did here. And one of them is fairly close to the sidewalk so anyone can walk by and grab an almond.

Okay, I'm off to the office supply store for paper and ink cartridges. I hope you're having a good weekend....

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 3 of Portrait a Day....

Several months ago I took a small workshop at Art Trader Magazine. I think it was called Colorful Funky Ladies or something like that. It was a fun workshop that taught exaggerated faces, necks, and bodies. I have mostly just played around with the techniques on a small scale but yesterday I decided to try it on the face for the day.

Here's what I came up with....

The lines in the upper left corner were already on this paper and I was going to erase them but HB thought they looked industrial and said they should stay. I'm still not convinced but they're just pencil so I can always get rid of them later.

I did this face with colored pencils and a bit of watercolor pencil. I'm not completely happy with her but I learned some things so it was worth it.Her jewelry is done with a metallic silver colored pencil. It doesn't show up in the picture.

I'm still trying to get some things done around here so I might be scarce around Blogland for a day or so. I hope you have a great day....

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My Second Portrait....

This is going to be a quickie post today. I've got tons of things to do and not much time to do them!

Yesterday I did the second painting for the portrait a day challenge. I didn't completely read Violette's post about the challenge and missed the part where it was supposed to be a "self-portrait"....I asked her if I could just do faces and not my own. She replied that every picture we paint has a little bit of ourselves in it so I could paint other faces. Whew! That's good news. I didn't want to have to paint saggy skin and wrinkles! So here's the one I did yesterday....

Her hair is done with a circle punch from Martha Stewart (Happy Birthday, Martha! Today is her birthday. ) because you know how I hate to paint hair. I randomly tore the words out of a book.

This painting is done on a nice piece of wood that I got at the $.99 Store. It had some other picture on it but I just sanded it off and gessoed over the whole thing. So for $.99 I got a great substrate to work on.

I'll post my index cards later in the week. Now I have to get busy and get all my chores done....

PS - take a quick peek at part of our grape harvest over on my photo blog.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Portrait a Day For August....

You know me....I can't resist a challenge! Even though I'm doing the index cards for the month of August, I also decided to join in on Violette's portrait a day challenge. It seemed rather serendipitous since I had painted a face yesterday on August 1st. So here is my first portrait/face....

I painted her on an old map. I'm not completely happy with her but she's one more day of practice for me. I haven't started the face for today but I have some ideas.

I spent the morning at the salon where I get my hair cut. Angel has asked me to display some of my art so I took some things over to get her approval. She just moved into a new studio style shop and has some blank walls to fill up. When I get everything up and ready I'll take some photos and show you how it looks.

Okay, I'm off to create some new art! I hope your day is creative and fun....