Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello! Remember me???

Did you forget me? Did you think I was never coming back? There were times when I thought the same thing! It was so freeing to just get up each day and not think about the computer or my blog. I simply did whatever I felt like doing....and many days that ended up being a whole lot of nothing!

HB was gone for part of the time. He flew back to PA for a family reunion. I was a complete slob while he was away!! I painted in the kitchen, wore my jammies all day, stayed up later than usual (my normal bedtime is about midnight) and generally just had some quiet time for me.

But now I'm ready to jump back into things. As I said when I went on break, I was going to keep up with the index cards but I didn't think I'd be doing any more faces....that held true.

These are my index cards from Aug 10th thru Aug 18th. As you can tell, I'm struggling to keep my interest on these. Some days I just slammed down anything to say I made a card....not the way you should participate in a challenge!

I also worked in one of my art journals....

There were a couple of pages where I had scraped on some left-over brown paint. I added a layer of cream to tone it down, then used a stencil and some Color Wash in Stream to add another layer.

I like the way it looked at that point so I began adding some circles cut from scraps of paper, and a border of diamond shapes....

Sorry about the clips along the side....the page wanted to curl up all the time.

This is the left page above....

and the right page....
I'm not crazy about the quote but I used it anyway!

Since I'm going to be displaying my art in the hair salon, I began making more small canvases. I have several new ones to show you but that will be for another day. For now, I'm back and will try to slowly ease into the blogging world again. I've missed all of you. Thanks for all the emails checking up on me. 


  1. Welcome Back! I'm not doing too many ICAD's ... every now and then I'm moved to pick an index card up, but not often. I did really well the month of July. After that, down hill!

  2. Welcome back! I can so understand where you were coming from. I work full-time, so when I get a holiday I just like to do exactly what you have done and have no plans at all.

    Am loving your journal page, the colors are so good together.

  3. Glad to see you back!!! I think those index cards force the issue. Probably good for the brain even though your creative heart may not be into it!! Loved the background on that journal page...
    Sounds like you did a little living like I normally do! lol

    Have a great week!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Glad to see you back! I too really love your backgrounds. They hold so much depth. Facinating.

  5. Welcome back! I'm glad you got some quality time to yourself during your blogging break...sounds divine! I really like the stencil you used for the background on your journal page.

  6. we missed you and glad your back, love your index cards, and your journal page, i need to get back into my journal

  7. Yay! You're back. I was just over on Flickr and noticed you'd added a few new Icads. Only a few more days and then we are done with those. For the most part I enjoyed it, but was getting a bit burnt out.

  8. Welcome back!!! It sounds like you had a nice break. I think your cards are nice even if you did just slam stuff down. Lovely page spread in your art journal too.

    Great to see you back, Janet...I missed you ~ xo

  9. Hi Janet, welcome back! Your time alone sounds just splendid and would be exactly what I would have done if hubbub and kidlets were away! I really love your journal page, I never thought of clipping them down - great idea!
    I am glad you are back and raring to go@!
    Hugs and blessings

  10. Janet...glad you are were missed! Nice ICADs! I love the journal spread...the blues, tan, and browns are a great combination.

  11. shawn5:24 PM

    Very cool pages- I love the layers! Glad to have you bacK :)

  12. Welcome back Janet, It looks like you really enjoyed yourself. Loved the journal pages you did. Great job!

  13. You sure were missed! I think your away time from the computer was a lot more relaxing than my time that is coming up will be. I'de love to stay home, in jammies and paint, but we are going out of back the end of Sept.
    I really like the journal pages, and the quote will make you think.

  14. welcome back. it seemed like a lot of bloggers took time off. so few post to read some days.

  15. I've always loved how your journal pages evolve and how you show them from background to completion. Congratulations on having a spot to share your work with others! I hope they buy lots!

  16. Welcome back! It is relaxing to step out of the computer zone for a while... I'm happy to hear that you will show your art in the salon! Can't wait to see what you prepared. xo

  17. Glad you had a lovely time away from here but glad to have you back. A recharge of the batteries does us a world of good. I'll share my secret with you that sometimes I love staying in my pj's till late too.
    Love, love, love the colours in this page. The brown under the cream and then the blue on top - YUM! I tend to steer away from browns but I really like this combination.


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