Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Did It!!

I finally got the Spiced Nectarine Butter made today. HB helped me and it turned out really good. It made two pints....I didn't have any small jelly jars, which would have been better. There was just a little bit left over in the pan and I scooped it into a dish and we were both tasting it. I'd give it a 10!

From this....

to this....

Here they are cooling on the counter. 
I'm sure this will get eaten very quickly!

I've been keeping up with both my challenges, too. Here are the sketches I did for the last two days....

The one on the left is going to have one of those small hats, a Fascinator....and I want to do a face with spike-y hair sort of like mine only wilder. Please remember, these are just quickie sketches, not finished pieces. I'm just getting my ideas down on paper and when I get some time (whenever that might be!) I'll develop them into either journal pages or small paintings.
And here are my most recent index cards....

I'm really getting down to using just about anything to make these! I'd say none of these are really all that good but I'm doing one a day. Maybe from all this I'm learning something about joining long challenges!


  1. Looks good, how about posting the recipe, and photos of your almond, and nectarine tree...Never seen an almost tree...I love nectarines and eat piles of them in the summer...this year they're sooo good too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. The butter looks so good! Like your girls and the ICADs. I have gone off the ICADs, but they led me to doing what I'm doing now ... which I will post later in the week ... surprise!!!!!

  3. Janret, The nectarine butter sounds wonderful! I would love the recipe. Not sure if I can get myself organized to make it. I'm so "all over the place" lately.

  4. I am coming over for tea and some of that jelly. I happen to think your index cards are stunning, I love the words you choose. And those sketches are so cool

  5. Yummy Janet! I'll be right over for a taste! The color is so pretty too.

  6. Oh that jam just looks yummy, so vibrant and rich in colour. I must make it soon!
    great index cards, love the "listen up" one.
    your girls are great, I love the fascinator

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  8. That looks good and I'm sure it's tasty too. Your girls are nice too, I'm sure you will find time to work with some of them.
    I like your first card, it's so simple and clean and when I saw the last one I had to smile. Our nearest airport is called Sola and you used a word: flying or flyer suited well in my head.

  9. that sounds really delicious.. I could taste it almost!
    those sketches of the women, remind me so much of some drawings that I did when I was a teenager.. thanks for the memory jog xoxo

  10. Yummy, sounds delicious! Well done for sticking with the ICAD, it has been a long challenge, although we are still plugging away too! And loving seeing your faces ;-)

  11. Congrats Janet. That Nectarine butter looks so yummy! I think I said it was peaches in the last comment! Sorry.
    You are doing an awesome job.
    Hugs and many blessings

  12. Spiced nectarine butter LOOKS TO DIE FOR! And nice cards, too! I'm getting back!

  13. i love peach butter, yum! I made it once and love the whole process and result
    i wonder about the spicy butter nectarine????
    oh and those sketches, some pretty ladies are coming out real soon

  14. i just noticed the spikey hair, LOL
    is that okay if i try to make an index card, i kind of would like to give it a try seems fun

  15. yummy, i've never had nectarine butter. sounds really good.

  16. Hi Janet...your nectarine butter sounds so good. You are lucky to have your own fruit trees. Hubs made some organge marmalade the other day(He used Ina Garten's recipe). I like your sketches a lot...and your index cards are great...I think that's the point of them....just do whatever comes and don't worry with them so much. But like I said...I'm running out of ideas.

  17. Hi Janet, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you liked my postcard, I'm really enjoying the swap. I had a good look around your blog, your art is really beautiful! And the butter looks yummy!

  18. Hi Janet,
    Glad to see you're still at it!
    Great pieces.
    Creative hugs,

  19. wonderful to see what you have been up to. Yum to that jam! i also love the photograph of the nectarine hanging, so summery. Awesome that you are making time for arts.


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