Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Future Painting....

First off, I want to say a public thank you to everyone who sent me emails, e-cards, snail mail cards and otherwise wished me happy birthday. I had a wonderful day and don't feel any older!


There are several classes and challenges going on around Blogland and as usual I'm trying to do too much at once. When that happens I always get overwhelmed and then somewhat paralyzed which results in no art. I'm in that mode right now! My brain is whirling with ideas but the rest of me isn't participating.

My inner critic is working overtime, too. There's so much beautiful art being shown on the blogs and when I spend time looking at it I begin to doubt my own abilities and go into that "why bother" thing. I know it doesn't do any good  to fall into that trap but it happens occasionally. I'm not telling you this to get advice but rather to just let you know it's happening. I KNOW what to do to get out of this but sometimes I just don't listen to my own advice!

But this morning I managed to sketch out a woman to paint. You may not be able to see this very clearly but here she is....

I'm not sure where she's going from here or when I'll finish her but when I sat down with the pencil and the canvas this is who appeared.

Around the country many of you are enjoying cool autumn weather but not here. We're still in the 90's just about every day. Today I think we're expecting high 80's so it's a cool down! Right now the birds outside my studio are singing and chirping and talking about their's one of my most favorite sounds. And since I have nothing else to show you or to talk about I think I'll go sit on the patio and listen to them.

Have a wonderful day....


  1. Sometimes that's the way it is, you know how to handle it.....GOOD!
    Your girl looks great and I'm sure she will come out amazing whenever you feel for finishing her.

    Lately I have been thinking back on a memory from my childhood. A black man was at our door selling books and my mother asked him how he felt about living in Norway. He said: It's strange, in Norway we have two winters one white and one green and the green one is the worst because noone have their heater going. I believe this summer his words have been right.
    So Janet, if only we could have mixed we would both be comfortable.

  2. Same took the words right out of my mouth. I too feel that way about my art! This girl looks like a skinny I have a heck of a time doing profile, you did a great job. Can't wait to see her spiffed up!

    As for weather...please Autumn please appear soon. My friend answers her phone welcome to costa Today it's raining, teaming down, but still too warm. We have fans going in the house. Yesterday was air conditioning weather all the way.

    Art on my friend.

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I know this feeling only too well. When I sit and do a blog hop or look on tumblr or pinterest and see all the amazing, stunning art - thousands of pictures, it gets over whelming. Then I look at my endeavors and feel like giving up. Its wonderful to look at art but like everything in life it also has its shadow.

  4. Happy belated birthday Janet! I am so glad your birthday went well. Love your new drawing, can't wait to see her finished. I love my time with the birds chirping in the morning. Enjoy.
    Hugs and blessings

  5. i'm like you, every now and then i spend to much time searching the web to see what others are doing and come away with - there's no way any ones going to buy my stuff with all the talented people out there. a slap in the face sometimes helps.

  6. I am curious about all the courses and challenges you are participating in (future blog post?). Good luck getting all of your ideas and inspirations sorted out!

  7. Everyone is so talented in blogland, it's hard sometimes to figure out where I belong. But with that said, here I am plugging away and loving all that I see. Your girl will be lovely, she is already. I continue to make tags, almost done. No crafts to see at bazaar this year...I took a time out from that and Christmas crafting. My kids are taking the lead this year. It will be good for them. I hope you do not feel older, you look wonderful...Hugs, Mary

  8. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I think that we all go through periods like this. I'm pretty sure I just pulled out of an art funk myself not long ago!

    Sometimes you just need to shut everything that what is inside comes out by itself....ooops...that did not mean to sound like advice...I was just thinking outloud!

    Enjoy the singing birdies! I love that too!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  9. I am so glad that my post brought back some high school memories for you. Last night before going to sleep, I had this feeling and just had to share my September feeling...and I love that it triggered some thoughts for you dear friend. Your, Mary

  10. Hi Janet...sorry I haven't been by sooner. I like the sketch very much...I can't wait to see what she looks like when completed. Never doubt your own ability...just do it!

  11. ohhhh i want to draw !!!!
    i can see that she will be a future beauty just like you are inside and out
    muchos hugs Janet!

    p.s. don't doubt yourself you are so talented!

  12. So glad you had a nice birthday.
    I'm finally getting back in the grove after my trip, now I'm dealing with a cold, my homecoming gift from Honey.
    Early morning coffee, a quiet spot, and listening to the birds great another new day, one of my most favorite things to do.

  13. Hi Janet, it's warm and very humid here. I'm looking forward to some more crisp Autumn weather.
    Glad to read you don't feel any older, 'cause you don't look it..!

  14. you are getting a good talking to here. Your art is lovely. Other peoples' art is lovely. Yours isn't their and theirs sure isn't yours. So, don't let that critic force you into thinking one iota less of your beautiful work. You hear me?!!!

  15. sounds like just a perfect day outside with the birds. My kind of relaxation.

  16. sounds like just a perfect day outside with the birds. My kind of relaxation. We all have those times but I think you have found a great antidote. Inspiration comes in places you never expect.


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