Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doodles and TV....

Not much has been happening here at Chez Art....I play every day in the studio but that's mostly what it is....just playing. I have several projects either in my head or partially started but each day I continue to play and not get serious about doing them. I guess we all need some play time now and then.
HB and I are on a Mad Men kick. We had never watched the show before but decided to give it a try on Netflix. We're into the second season and love it. I know....I'm way behind everyone else. I've heard about this show for a long time but just never thought it would capture my interest. Since it takes place in the early 60's, a time when I was just graduating from high school and starting into my adult life, it has made me stop and think about the way things were back then....especially the way men treated women. I guess while I was living it, I didn't always notice things but in hindsight it was terrible!
While I'm watching TV I usually like to doodle. This time I doodled in my 5" x 8" moleskine journal....it may or may not be finished. I never know with a doodle. I might keep adding to it sometime later.

And that's all the art I have to show you today! I hope you have a fun day....


  1. Lovely doodling, Janet! I haven't watched Mad Men but another blog friend has and felt the same as you about it. :)

  2. we all need to play Janet xo your doodles in front of the TV are amazing.. mine would look like scribbles :)

  3. I totally agree with Miss Robyn, your doodles looks great and in front of TV. That's multitasking on a high level. :-)
    It's fun to play and very often that leads to some very good ideas, so play on as long as you need.

  4. i loooove that show too!
    have you seen in treatment? i am enjoying as well, i think it is on streaming in netflix too and dexter oh my it so sickening obssesive but i adore dexter too
    and yes i am journaling or putting things together te-hee!

  5. Hi Janet,
    Gosh, your doodle is fabulous!
    Something I don't normally do, is doodling in front of the TV, I may have to give it a go.
    Creative hugs,

  6. shawn5:11 PM

    Wow! I really like your doodle- very elegant!

  7. thats the beauty of doodles... an ongoing work in progress if you wish it to be! love yours!

    my dd's are all madly into the series mad men and have even bought the dvd's they love it that much. Must be a good show! enjoy!

  8. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I like your doodle art :-)

  9. ok since I have not been here in awhile I love the new header and the doodles and I love mad men.

  10. Hey again...We did the same thing last year with Mad Men. We got caught up with all the past seasons, then last season, we watched it live on AMC. It's one of the best series on TV. Well, Big Love that ended on HBO is another good series.

  11. Love your doodle! Very open and organic in shape. That's what is so good about doodles in that they are finished when you feel like it.

  12. Lovely flowing doodle. I usually sew when watching TV but may have to give doodling a try too!

  13. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Love your doodle Janet! I'm impressed you draw so well in front of the TV, I can't do it (I cross-stitch instead).

    We still haven't watched Mad Men. We have heard rave reviews about it, but just not found the time. We really enjoy the English series Downton Abbey at the mo, but don't know if they show that in the US.

    My word verification is "emiggle" today- I kind of like it!

  14. I often like my doodles better than my finished pieces... XD
    This is awesome, love the movement and flow of this pattern!

    // -T.W-

  15. I love doodling while I watch a movie, I can't have my hands sitting still!
    Hugs and blessings

  16. I really like this Janet. It reminds me of doing Zentangel ATCs back in the day.

  17. I like your doodle Janet.
    I haven't been around the blogosphere much lately. I've been in a creative slump and am slowly coming out of it. Doodling is what has helped me in the last few days...

  18. Great doodle Janet, I always am inspired by your doodling. I reckon as long as you get some time to play it doesn't matter what you are doing.


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