Sunday, October 30, 2011

Re-Doing Some Art Journal Pages....

Thanks for all your comments on my Paint Party Friday painting. I almost gave up on her but I'm glad I didn't.
After all that painting I was ready for something a little less stressful so I got out one of my art journals and was leafing through it. I came across this page....

I mostly used this to test some sprays. It wasn't anything I was attached to so I decided to cover it up with something else. I wanted to do something fast and easy so out came all my scraps of paper.

I used some paper tape and also some printed packing tape, a few stickers, and some rub-ons. It took me about 10 minutes to do and I was happy with it. Then I moved on to another page that I hadn't done anything on. It was a single page like the other one so I went to the scraps again....

It was difficult to photograph this one because of the dark violets in the center and the pale lavender along the border. I love this picture and have had it in my stash for quite awhile. I added some striped tape to the corners and Voila!!....I was finished. Plus it's good for Halloween!


  1. Cool! You make it look so easy! Love the picture you added to the second page!

  2. These look great. I like the purple Halloween one. It looks like fun.

  3. I like all three pages. You've been busy!

  4. I like all the pages as well, you have been busy

  5. love the halloween one!

  6. what kind of sprays were you trying? i love the maya but i haven't been able to find them

  7. Really nice pages Janet. Hugs and blessings

  8. They're all great pages, though I have to say that lavender and purple one is definitely my favorite!

  9. all the journal pages. I really like the tape additions...and tell more about the kinds of sprays you are using. Are you using the small Strathmore Journal for these pages? I like your face sketch for the Sunday hair on that one!

  10. Janet I really like your art journal pages! The themes and colors work well together!'
    I appreciate the comment you laft on my blog....I think your blog is one of the few which still lets me comment (since my e-mail and computer have changed)...also I don't have the ability to respond instantly to your comments, as I did with my former e-mail.
    Hugs to you! I always remember how you shared with me the technique for making links in my text!

  11. Great pages Janet, I love that tape you are using. 10 minutes to do a page, I love it!


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