Monday, October 10, 2011

Shopping and Playing....

Happy Monday!! Did you all have a great weekend? Mine was sort of fun....I went clothes shopping. If you know me at all, then you know I hate shopping but everything in the closet was beginning to look a little tired and thread-bare so I bit the bullet and with credit card in hand I hit the shops. Surprisingly, I found several items I actually liked and best of all they fit! So the wardrobe has been spruced up and all I need now is a new pair of boots.

Not much art got done although I did play with Nevr-Dull. In the past I've had mixed results using CitraSolv and Nevr-Dull but this time I was pleased with the results. Here are a few examples....

These are all pages from old National Geographic magazines....
mostly from the 60's and 70's.

The one above showed hands holding blueberries.

This one was a porcupine!

This one I tried to keep most of the faces because 
they look as if they're looking through an icy, frosty window.

To get the designs I placed the magazine pages over textured paper. I only had a few pieces but I found they worked better than anything else I had. While I was out shopping I popped into Joann's and bought some texture plates made by Fiskars. I haven't tried them yet but I hope they work for this.
And then back to that painting I showed last week or so. I'm just not happy with her one eye so I gessoed it out again and am starting over. I gave her a good base coat and will begin to add the shading all over again.
She just didn't look right and it was bugging me. I gessoed over her eye once before but I didn't get it right that time. Wish me luck on this one. Third time is the charm!


  1. I just noticed those texture plates at JoAnn last week; I will be curious to see what you do with them, and to what effect. I like your Nevr-Dull results; it's amazing how it transforms the photographs. How daring to gesso over her eye to start again from scratch. Good luck with her!

  2. oh I really love that frosty window one... almost getting into the holiday mood here early!

    I hate clothes shopping too and find it hard to find nice things that fit. Its such a good feeling when something does fit and it looks nice on too! I think my summer wardrobe needs a spruce up!

  3. Your never dull samples look great. Let me know if those texture plates work. I am sure your lady will have a great eye this time.

    Great job finding some clothes, that is really hard for me too!

  4. Amazing effects!! I can't make up my mind which one I like best...possibly the last two.

    Good luck the third time around with your lady's eye.

    I hate clothes shopping...I may buy a top but get home to find I can't really match it with anything. lol I often come home empty-handed. Enjoy your new wardrobe!

    ~ Serena :)

  5. Your pages looks great and I fell for the frosty one at once. It's so great that you don't give up your girl, and I'm sure you will get it right in the end.
    Clothes shopping is a chapter of its own, I do find it best when a bit down in mood. Perhaps because I really need something then. Otherwise I just sew something.

  6. As always you are a jump ahead of me on techniques, I've never heard of any of those you mentioned. I do like the results though, and will be watching to see what you do with the ones you just bought.

  7. I really like the Nevr-Dull samples, lovely textured effects. I don't mind shopping for clothes and certainly need to do some as my winter wardrobe is sparse to say the least of it. It's OK for trudging about in the woods or on the moors but not great if I actually want o be seen in public:)

  8. i did something similar once i think it was acetone and the results were fabulous too
    also once i used a very old gel medium mixed with acrylics and water and it cracked! of course i thought that was awesome too :-)
    i will give it a try to that solution, is it too strong the smell? were there fumes with contact of the national geographic? now i am curious and yes, thank god for gesso!!!! LOL

    i enjoy shopping but little at a time, you know like an hour or less, and when you get your boots, show them here to us, i love boots, i think i have like six or eight pairs

  9. Janet;
    I have heard of these techniques before but haven't done much with them. The one I did do didn't work out so well so I never tried it again. I love the results you got. Good luck on finishing your lady, it can be tough to get both eyes the way you really them. I think she is beautiful. I can't wait to see her when she's all finished! Hugs and blessings

  10. Your lady is looking lovely - can't wait to see her with both eyes. Those pages look very cool too. I haven't tried either of those products, but now I want to...
    Congrats on the new wardrobe. I could probably use some new threads too - I'm not much of a shopper, either, though - and I'd much rather shop for others than myself (especially a certain grandbaby ;). Though books or art/craft supplies - well, THAT's a whole different story! lol


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