Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Walk in the Park....

No art today. Just a walk in the park. This morning I woke up early and went for my walk. As I came around the back part of the park I noticed how incredible the clouds looked so when I finished the loop I walked home, got my camera and walked back so I could get some shots. The clouds were rolling up over the mountains and draping down....not sure if you can see that in the pics but click on them and maybe it will show up. I like seeing the clouds when they drape over the mountains. This is weather coming up from the LA area. We might get a few raindrops today or tomorrow!

We're having our first day that feels a bit like autumn. Yesterday it was near 90º and today it will only reach about 70º and the next few days even cooler. This is my kind of weather! As I was walking this morning, the air was crisp and cool and everyone seemed to have more energy. If it could stay like this all the time I'd be happy.
Yesterday HB had to go up on the roof to make a repair to one of the vent pipes. It was a bit scary watching him climb all the way up to the top of the house....

I zoomed in on him....

He's wearing his crazy hat with the wild hair sticking out the top. I want one of those hats, too....you know, for bad hair days! The repair was made and he came back down safely....and I could breath again!

I hope I have some art for tomorrow. Things have been frustrating in the studio. I've been trying some new things and they aren't working....but I'll keep trying.


  1. A beautiful walk in the park, Janet! I'm glad HB made it down from the roof safely...it looked quite high.

    We had lovely warm days then, it snapped back to a bit of winter weather for a bit thanks to strong, icy wind gusts.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to in the studio.

    Have a great evening,

  2. Love that wild hair of his, kind of makes me think of a carrot top.

    Makes me a tad bit nervous when I see those tree climbers going up tall palm trees with nothing more on except them spikes and a trunk wrap around belt.

    The last photo looks like the mountains are being covered up in a nice warm down blanket.

    I took some cloud pictures yesterday morning and wow I never seen such personality in clouds before.

  3. Wow, I get butterflies in my stomach just seeing that photo of your husband. I absolutely despise it when my hubby insists on climbing up to the heights on his ladder.

  4. Omg tell him Sherrie said he is never to go on the roof again!! I have heard so many stories about guys his age...PLEASE, get a younger dude to do it!!! Phew glad he's safe!! We had the very same clouds today, I drove by a field in Tsawwassen that was eerily similar to the photo you took!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. my dh went on our roof once and I almost hyperventilated all the time he was up there! I agree rooves are NOT the place for our 'older' men!
    I can almost feel your relief when he came down all safe!

  6. I like early morning walks as well, today here when i took the devil dog out, it was all foggy, and wet. The clouds did look like rain, was coming. I know how you feel about hubby on the roof. This year hubby has fallen off a ladder twice, okay hes no handy man

  7. Powerful clouds, there is something that stirs inside me when I look up and see dark clouds. Living in a country that mostly sees the sun - I like the grey skies of a thunder storm or skies filled with rain. I hope your husband got off the roof before the rain!

  8. Glad that roof was fixed before the rain arrived!!!

  9. Hi Janet...looks like you had a great walk. It's been perfect weather here the past few days too. Tell hubby to be careful climbing up on the roof...dig his crazy hat! I'm working on my cardboard book...I don't know what I'm doing but I'm having fun!

  10. I just got back from a walk in the park! Sometimes, it's just the perfect thing!


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