Sunday, October 02, 2011

What Can I Do???

Grrr!! What is the secret to having an interesting background on this blog? I see so many other blogs change their backgrounds all the time and they look great. I go to the same websites, get a background and it looks like crap and barely shows around the edges.

A few days ago Blogger said they had some new formats to try and I did....bad decision! Apparently in the process I lost the way my blog used to look and I didn't like the new format. Well, that's not entirely true. I did like some things about the new look but I got numerous emails telling me there was something wrong with my blog. So I tried to switch back to the way it was and that didn't happen.

Now my header has gotten smaller and I haven't even touched it! Why can't I figure this out?? Blogger says they have made it simple, the websites all say it's simple and yet my blog looks terrible. I need help!!!

NOTE: I just changed my header....found some info online and it helped a little but I'm still not happy with the way things look.


  1. I'm sorry to tell you that I certainly can't help you! I can't even do my own, but a friend of mine has promised me to give me a hand which I really look forward to. Good luck to you.

  2. Never believe what the mystery *they* have to say! :D :D :D :D :D

  3. It appears that your Cutest Blog on the Block template is in conflict with the Blogger 'Picture Window' template....basically you are using two different templates at the same time. The idea with the new Blogger Designer templates is that you can create you own personalised template instead of using designed templates from other websites. If you prefer the Picture Window template, just remove the Cutest Blog on the Block template via your Layout page. Blogger Designer has lots of backgrounds you can choose and you can even change the colours, fonts and elements to suit what you want.

    I can email you the CSS coding to centre your header/'s extremely easy to apply as you can do it through the Blogger Designer section. Email me if you'd like to try.

    Personally, I love the new Blogger Designer because it's so easy to manipulate. Did you back up your Blog template before you made the changes? If so, it would be easy to put it back the way it was.

    Let me know if I can help.

    Serena xo

  4. I hear you! I accidentally deleted my sidebar buttons a few weeks ago. Couldn't fix it. Just had to roll on.
    Have you thought maybe about bartering some art to a designer for help? Or asking an art buddy who might know some code?? Good luck!!

  5. It can be frustrating at times for sure! I hate when this kind of thing happens!
    I hope you can figure it out Janet!

  6. I fiddled around yesterday with a test blog I have just for seeing how new things look, and I also ran into trouble so left things well alone! frustrating when things go wrong and you cant it back to how you want it... maybe someone will be able to shed some light on this for you.

  7. Duh! I hardly find time to post and read a few blogs so mine stays the same old thing.
    I have always liked your choice of material for your header, these papers are great.

  8. Great advice from Serena, Janet. She has helped me out in the past and is the go-to girl for these problems I think. I do like your new banner.

  9. Hi Janet...I like the new look. All I know about is Wordpress and don't know all I should about it. I like how you did the heading...wish I knew how to do that. I use the wordpress templates which also allows one to customize the backgrounds...I think that is what Serena is suggesting that you do. Good luck!!

  10. i am very very bad with my website too, i mean it can take me hours or days to figure out what am i doing where everything went, etc etc
    so to be honest i tried to avoid this at all costs LOL
    yours look good right now but then again you only know what it is missing because in my seide of the world looks perfect no flaws and pretty color
    hugs and hope

  11. Oh I am so sorry I know how frustrating computers can be. I tried to do a newsletter last week and the program kept crashing. I just gave up.

    Oh it looks like Serena helped.i am late seeing this.


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