Monday, November 14, 2011

Another WIP for Day 14 AEDM

HB and I had a busy day so I just had enough time this afternoon to began a spread in my art journal. It isn't finished but I have some color on the page, used a mask and some spray wash, and also some washi tape....

I know the photo quality is not very good on this. It's almost 5PM and the light isn't good. The colors remind me of autumn so maybe that will be my theme. I never know what I'm going to do when I start a spread....I just grab colors and start putting them down. I'll try to finish this tonight and have it ready for tomorrow.

Some days there just isn't enough time for everything!!


  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    the colors are very much Fall like, toasty warm colors, i can't wait to see it finished,

  2. yep the colors remind me of fall, I love fall colours, we dont have fall anymore here, its full on winter, cold winds, snow, and ice.

  3. It's fall here too and even the frost did a grab upon us during the night. All the roofs around in the neigbourhood are white with frost this morning.Just now my "homemountain" are edged with gold. Such a lovely sight. Your spread will be fine and I especially think the right page looks exciting.

  4. I think we should days that are 30 hours long ... of course there would be 10 days to the week ... Oh, my ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love seeing WIPs! Always fun to see the finished bit. Love these colors.

  6. I love seeing your WIPs because then you show what you did with it and I'm always so surprised. your talent never ceases to amaze me!


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