Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Big Firewood Day and AEDM - Day 12

A couple of days ago HB and I went to get our load of firewood for the winter. Yes, even in Southern California we do get cold weather sometimes. We live in the high desert so we even get snow occasionally. I love having a fire in the fireplace on a cold, rainy evening. It just makes the whole house feel cozy.

We have bought wood from the same guy ever since moving here. He has a huge area with piles and piles of firewood.  ***caution....lots of photos!!

HB wasn't happy with the half cord that was stacked and ready so he and one of the helpers began stacking a new one.

I basically walked around or stood and watched them because they didn't want me to get caught in an avalanche of wood. This is our half cord all ready to be loaded on the truck.

Now it was my turn! HB was in the truck bed and I did all the loading while he stacked it so we could get it all in.

I carried and HB stacked....

And I carried some more....

and some more....

One more piece....
Don't I look serious!

Almost done....the truck bed is getting full.

Just a few more pieces....oh, my aching back!

Then it was time to unload it at home and stack it again. HB stacked and I unloaded. He's very methodical about how he stacks the wood so I'd rather just let him do it.

I used the wheel barrow to bring it around from the truck.

Just another couple of wheelbarrow loads and I'll be finished!

And here's our wood all ready for winter.
Whew! If you need me I'll be on the couch!
For my AEDM I did one of my over-sized postcards. These are quick and easy to do. I just start with one of those huge postcards we get in the mail....they're usually advertising something I don't want. Then I just cover them with scraps of paper and whatever I have to make a pretty postcard....

This is the front side above....

and this is the back where the address would go....
Easy peasy!!


  1. Incredible. I could and did that when I was young. I could never do it now. Wow you guys are awesome. Glad to see it's not stacked against the house. My uncle got carpenter ants from doing that! There is nothing like a cozy fire on a cold winter night. Seriously some people miss out on the simple things today!! Nice post card too!!
    Impressive post! You guys don't let age get in your way!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I neartly fainted Janet when I saw that first photo--I thought that huge pile of logs was what you had purchased.
    You can tell I haven't seen a wood pile for yonks can't you.
    Not many people in Canberra have wood fires anymore--you would have to hock your house to be able to afford to buy the logs.

  3. Goodness, I'd have been on the couch too after all that hard work. It must have felt good to get it all done though.

    Love the postcard! :)

  4. Boy I don't miss those days!

    That one piece of wood you were holding in your arms like a little baby looked almost like it could be turned into a duck's head if it were to be carved that is.

  5. What a great job you did with the firewood. Around here they say that firewood do warm a person at least three times. See? We got ours to the house a couple of weeks ago, delivered, so handyman had to stack it and that's all.
    Nice postcard too, it's always exciting to see what you're doing.
    Oh yes, you should be given a piece of the cake I made and I bet you would ask for another one. :-)) Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Wow! Also - whew! I'm tired just watching you do all that work, lol. You did ALL that and STILL made art too? You are amazing!

  7. Ah wood day - one of my least favorite days of the year. I don't even use my fireplace, but my dad gets a cord of wood dumped in his lawn once a year and he's no longer strong enough to move it by himself. My husband and I have been helping him for the past few years - this year I recruited my ten year old son! (there was a LOT of sighing on his part but he did a great job). We load up a wagon and then wheel it to the back of the house and fling it unceremoniously under the deck to age for another year. The second part of the job involves moving the pieces from LAST year (from under the deck) and into the cellar where they are neatly stacked. THAT's the part my dad must control - the neat stacking. I'm just the brawn. Fun postcard - great use of junkmail!

  8. we used tohave a wood fire and it was just the best and nicest thing ever to cosy up to in winter! Now we have a gas fire with fake logs, and nowhere near as nice. The dwon side to wood fires though was all the wood hauling and then chopping! I hope you have a lovely winter then in front of those crackling logs!

  9. Wow! Impressive. You are a real trooper. No wonder you had that serious look on your
    Wishing you relaxing and cozy winter evenings by the fire.

  10. Whew! That looks like a crazy amount of work! But you will be super-happy when the chilly winter evenings set in, and you are relaxing in front of the fireplace.

  11. I bet you slept well that night!
    It's a good feeling to know you are prepared for whatever winter throws at you isn't it.
    Nothing beats a crackling wood fire!


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