Saturday, November 05, 2011

Day 5 - AEDM

It's day five of AEDM and I'm still in the game! Before I show you what I did for today, I want to show you a stencil. No, it's not a new one but rather one I've used a lot as you will see.

When I took it out to use it I stopped and looked at the patina that has built up on it and I thought it was so pretty I took pictures! Am I crazy or is this beautiful??

LOVE this!! I think this alone could be my art for the day! I placed it on some paper towels so it would show up. I love the colors and build-up that it has. I always put my stencils face down in my journal after I use them but obviously all the paint doesn't come off....and I never wipe them down.

Okay, I began this journal spread with my morning pages written over pages where I had scraped leftover paint. After that I used the stencil and gesso to go over it all.

The gesso didn't cover as well as I had hoped. 
I didn't want the words to appear so clearly but some of them do.
Then I used a circle stencil and Adirondack sprays
 to do some large circles.
Next I added paper circles,
torn paper strips,
and doodling.

I have signed up for a free mandala class here and after watching the videos that are there as a welcome, I was inspired to do this spread. I didn't make a mandala but I used lots of circles as she did, plus I loved her doodles and used some of them here, too.

PS - I just linked up to Just Journals here

Have a fun weekend....