Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Day 13 of AEDM....

I'm late! I've been painting all day and I almost forgot to put my AEDM picture up! I finished that quirky face from a few days ago. I didn't like the bright background so I toned it down....

and now I think it might be too light....
And her bow is too bright....
but for now she's done!

She's one of my non-dominant hand drawings
so she's a bit wonky but I like her.


  1. I actually like the way the bow stands out and pops! Gorgeous vibrant orange my second fave colour!

  2. Love your wonky, orange bow lady and to think she's one of your non-dominant hand drawings!! I cracked up when I read that b/c i thought of 3 hands!! I'm a bit wonky tonight!!

  3. polka dots are my favorite!

  4. shawn5:09 PM

    Love It!!

  5. **LOVE**
    I love how the swirls from her hair seems to float into the background too. Totally cool and cohesive.

    And the blue nose, it just plain GROOVY!
    xxx tj

  6. Hi Janet, at first sight I believed that the bow was laid upon your painting. It seems so real. I'm not sure whether you should keep it that way.It's so nice and realistic but does it take too much attention from the rest of your lovely work?
    I'm glad the decission is not mine.

  7. I really like how you did her hair and how it is repeated in the spirals of the background. :)

  8. I have never tried to draw with my "other hand", now I am curious and may give it a try.
    Have you re-cooped from the fire wood ordeal? What a job! and I LOVE the flower layout you did, things are slowing down here, Whew, maybe now I can rest a week before Thanksgiving.


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