Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This and That and Not Much!

Today I've been playing in the studio off and on while also making sunflower seed and walnut bread (in the bread machine)....and going through my stash of magazine images.

I tried working on the journal spread from yesterday but nothing was working so I went on to another page and just glued down some papers, added a stamp or two and this  is another WIP....

I seem to be stuck on these autumn colors. Not sure how I'll finish this one either but I hope something comes to me soon. I'd like to finish these pages and move on.

Speaking of moving on, I went back to my quirky faced girl and did a little tweaking....

I added a collar and some orange dots here and there plus a few dots in her hair. I've titled this one Someday My Prince Will Come!! She seems to have a wistful/sad/dreamy expression and that phrase just popped into my head as I was looking at her.


While we were out the other day I saw this car and I had to smile....

I hope you can see what it says....it's a Smart car and the license has a holder that says Mensa plus there's a Mensa sticker in the back window. Cute, huh!!


  1. Your girl looks great, I think you did manage to even out the vibrant colour on the bow. Collar and dots works well.
    Your spread will be fine too, I admire your ability to wait upon a well working ending to your work. I'll have to practice that.
    Wouldn't it be nice to have a mensa car? That was a fun one.

  2. I like your autumn colored pages and love your little gal waiting for her prince. Lets hope he's not a frog!!!
    Laughing at the license....

  3. I love your girl, so quirky and fun,and tht car what a hoot

  4. I love your quirky girl - she is so funky - I especially like her cheeks. Love the car sign - my best (or should I say worst car license plate - I've ever seen) was on a Jaguar- it said 'NV me' - now really there is no need to rub it in.

  5. Of all the ladies that you have ever made this one has to be my bestest favourite of them all.

  6. oh wow - it's amazing what those additional orange accents did to pull this painting together. I was loving her before, but now she totally works!

  7. Hi Janet...sorry I haven't been by sooner. I have only been online long enough to check email the past several days. I've been catching up. I love your autumn colors...I love the "princess," she's so colorful and cute. I relate to your firewood story...lol..a portion of our firewood fell over and we will have to restack it...I guess that says how picky we are about stacking our firewood :)

  8. Love those lush greens with the orange on your autumn page, Janet.

    Your tweaking paid off...she looks even more cute!

  9. Hi Janet,
    Oh yummy, that bread sounds scrumpious!
    Yes, I love the autumn colours and array of design.
    The tweaking looks great and the words add to it.
    Creative hugs,

  10. That bread sounds like some yummy goodness.
    Love the autumn colours in your next page and the stamps.
    I like your girl with the extra embelishments. If I could do a painting with my dominant hand as half as good as yours I would be happy.
    Cute car

  11. I'd smile at that car, too! Very funny!


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