Monday, December 05, 2011

The Last of My Blog Break....

Hi everyone. I've been so caught up in things that I almost forgot to do a post today. And even though November is over and done with I'll still show you more of my AEDM projects that I did while I was on blog break.

One afternoon while I was getting my hair cut, HB hung some of my new art at the salon....

Calypso looks right at home hanging there in the middle! This wasn't part of AEDM but I wanted to show you.
I made another one of my over-sized postcards. 
It's been mailed and received so I can show it here. 
This is one side....

and below is the side where the address goes....

I also worked on some more mandalas....

I drew these from the start....
I didn't use the templates for either one....

I hope you can see the one above. 
It reminds me of an old TV test pattern!

And last, I made several sheets of collaged paper to use as ATCs....

This is the only one I remembered to photograph!

So I think that pretty much finishes what I did for AEDM while I was on break. Since then I've just been working on things I can't show. I did a Christmas card swap with Lee but I don't think she's got hers yet. When she does I'll show you what I did for it.

Now I'm off to make some more ATCs. I haven't done them for a long time and I'm having fun with them again.


  1. Love that art in the hairdressers! how wonderful to have your art there and other people see it there too! I did a swap with Lee too but havent heard if she got hers yet!

  2. shawn4:46 PM

    Lots of great work! Have you sold any at the salon? I haven't posted since the end of Nov- busy with craft shows- I even got some orders! So I'm busy with that. Glad to see you back :)

  3. I took the mandala class and haven't had a chance to get with the program!!!! Still crocheting!!! Calypso really looks good! Like the postcards.

  4. The art wall in the salon is fabulous!! I love the Mandela and await completion! Nice job!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Janet,
    I love your mandalas and can't wait to see them filled with colour!
    I received your card and ATC today. Thank you so much! I smiled as soon as I saw the return address!

  6. Seeing all that art work on the wall is so exciting...I always knew you would be famous.
    Looks like you are staying busy.

  7. This is wonderful... seeing all your work displayed on the wall! :]
    Oh yes, I love creating collaged paper too.
    Yours looks fantastic!

  8. Wow beautiful work there! ha ha ha now that you had mention it that one does look like the old tv test pattern, however I bet with your creative talent it you turned it into something very beautiful.

  9. wow is all I can say, what a beautiful mandala, and the middle picture just ahhh, have you sold any yet from the hair salon

  10. Janet, this all look great. The artwall in the salon must be tempting for her customers. I hope they sell off well. That card is so nice too, looks like a youth made it and that is great knowing you still keeps a young heart. Can't wait to see your mandalas completed. Have a nice Advent.

  11. Everything look so good. You are a busy lady = ). I took the mandala class too and I learned a lot from Guadalupe. This was so relaxing, can not wait to see your all colored = )

  12. My you were busy on your break. Your art on the salon wall looks so wonderful and I love your oversized postcard as well. Each side is so different.

  13. The salon wall looks awesome, what a nice collection. The face on the back of the postcard is so sweet, I love her flippy hair and great lips. Your sheets of backgrounds for ATCs has me wanting to get back to making some! Oh boy Janet, you are so prolific. The mandalas are gorgeous too. WOW

  14. Your art looks so effective hanging on the salon wall! Wonderful! You were certainly productive in November, Janet...nice work!

  15. Hi Janet,

    I see your talent just keeps growing and growing. I LOVE ALL YOUR NEW ART! I am easing back into some art and also pursuing some other adventures. I have had a rough year,,mainly the last 6 months. Afraid we lost my Stepdad a week ago today. He started getting worse this past summer. Mom is holding up as well as can be expected. But it's hard to get into the Christmas Spirit. I also wanted to tell you some other news. I am going to have a Granddaughter in April. I will try to e-mail you later. But I just wanted to tell you how Wonderful your Art is,,your just so Talented. I have missed you.

  16. Your Calypso piece is really gorgeous, Janet. And your mandalas look amazing. And your collage paper looks like a fabulous foundation for ATCs and postcards. You have some really wonderful artiness going on!!

  17. Calypso does look right at home there on the salon wall. All of your canvases look great there.
    Love your postcard, you really do have a lovely style that is you.
    Your mandalas look great, clever girl drawing them without a template and yes it does remind me of a tv test pattern. I keep forgetting to show mine.
    Have a great day

  18. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Oh wow! You have been busy! Love that collaged paper you use for ATC (do you just cut it up, or do you do anything else to it?) and Calyso looks so cool at the centre of that grouping.

    Thanks for the sweet Christmas card and gift btw. So nice :)

  19. Though I didn't do AEDM or take a(n official) blogging break, I seem to be having a hard time getting back into the blogging groove this week, for some reason. Maybe it's just the weather...
    Love seeing all your art together, like that!
    The collage sheet, cards and zentangles look great too.

  20. That wall in the shop looks amazing -- they should be paying you just to have it there! Really, it looks perfect!


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