Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Winter Girls....

You know me....I do something and then I can't quit making more of the same! I love making these little winter girls. I had a stack of 5" x 5" canvases all prepped and ready to go so it was easy to continue with this theme.

I gave each girl rosy pink cheeks and you probably can't tell but each one has glitter on the background plus some of the papers I used are glittery, too. This is a great way to use up tiny bits of paper you have been holding onto for a long time.

I also printed out some of my art and made some more blank cards. I tried selling my cards on Etsy but didn't have any luck so now I just make them for myself.

I like using these when I want to write a note to someone or when I send out ATCs. Just another way to share art.

Now I'm off to do more winter girls! It's another cold, damp day and I'm staying inside where it's warm!!


  1. Janet your girls are wonderful, so cheering in this cold weather. x

  2. I love your winter girls Janet they look so warm and cuddly in their hats and scarves.

  3. why don't you sell them as digital prints like example 2 by 3 or atc size and then people can buy them and journal with them, or make pendants
    not all of us can't draw ;-)
    i'd love to buy them and use them this way on pendants or for journaling
    i will look for a link for you to have an idea

  4. Your winter girls are a delight!! YeeHaw!

  5. Seems like you're on a real roll now. They're all nice. How smart to make the cards for your own use, perhaps I'll try that too.

  6. Love them all!!
    So colorful, makes me feel "HAPPY!"
    Such a wonderful way to share your art, with an artful card and a handwritten note. *hugs*
    p.s. If you do create an altered cardboard wreath for your studio door, PLEASE DO SHARE PICTURES!!
    You've inspired me to create one for my studio too :]

  7. Anonymous1:38 PM

    They're fantastic! I absolutely adore them! And your cards are so cute too. I love the idea of printing out art to use for cards- so nice!

  8. Your girls are fabulous. I love them all. I do love when you do a series of pieces.

  9. I love the girls and your idea of using them for yourself. They would delight anyone who would be lucky enough to receive them.

  10. OH, I love your winter girls, Janet...what a neat idea to do the series. I've made cards using some of my art in the past and I think it's a lovely touch when writing personal notes to others. Your cards are so pretty and full of colour!

    We've had a very hot, humid day here in Brissie.

    Serena xo

  11. Your winter girls are so cheery, I love them!
    Lovely idea to use your cards for yourself (tho I can't believe you couldn't sell them!). What a treat to get one of those in the mail!

  12. Love the winter girl series. Their windblown hair really helps with the feel of winter. Very charming.

  13. I love these gals! They are so bright and lively and look so snug against the wintery windy weather.

  14. Your winter ladies are all decked out for snow! They are so smart in their colorful scarves, etc...good job!!!

  15. i love those winter girls, you toatly should be able to sell those, they are sweet

  16. Oh I love your girls....

  17. I think cards ARE hard to sell on Etsy, unless maybe you have enough other things in the shop that people pick something up while they're there. But they're great.



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