Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Summary of My Year....

Time is ticking and here we are at the end of another year....and it's been a good one for me even though I didn't follow through with my word for the year which was focus. This year I don't think I'll pick a word or make any resolutions. I'm just going to be open to whatever happens. I want to enjoy each day without putting pressure on myself to think about a certain word or check something off my list.

For me 2011 started with snow! 
Yes, even in sunny southern California 
some areas do get snow....

February brought "fame" for my little studio....

In March I participated in a postcard swap....
These are the ones I made.

In April I worked in my art journal....

More art journaling in May.
And this spread is still not finished!
It looks just like this after all those months.

Postcards I mailed out in June....

July "Imperfections"

I managed to do three months of index cards....

In September I put my first group of paintings
in the salon where I get my hair cut....

October brought more journaling....

I painted more in November....

And in December I began making winter girls....

I guess overall I accomplished quite a bit....this was just a sampling but it shows how I didn't focus on anything for very long! I like to keep switching things up. Today I might paint, tomorrow I might do some collage, and the next day it might be journaling but I almost always do something each day even if it's just a little doodle. I plan to continue with that in 2012.

A huge thank you to everyone who visits my blog, who leaves me comments, who follows me....I am inspired by all of you to keep making art and sharing it with you. You've changed my life in such a wonderful way. I love you all!!


  1. Happy New Year! I think you accomplished a lot ... especially if you had fun doing it! (Love your November and December girls.) I am going to start a Composition journal this year. We will see what happens! I still haven't finished the first one I started several years ago. Ah, well. Life happens. Happy Happy to you and HB!

  2. What a nice post showing the progression of your year. You are one of the most focused people I know...really. You get so much done and try new things and master those then move on to another new technique. If that isn't focus I don't know what is!

    Happy New Year to you and HB.

  3. Happy New Year, Janet! Best wishes for a fun and creative 2012!!

  4. Happy new year Janet! Hope 2012 is a great creative year for you! I certainly loved looking back at your 2011 and remembering some of the fantastic things you made. See you in 2012

  5. I want to walk the 2012 journey hand in hand with you Janet-even though we have never met I feel like we are "sisters".
    Your work inspires me my friend.

  6. Your words at the opening of your post could've been spoken by me!! Yep, I too, don't think I'll pick a word this year...I too, think I'll just see where my flaky mind takes me (oops, not that you're flaky...haha). I'm a winging it too! How's that...better worded?? You've accomplished so much! And you have been published! That is so cool! I love your art and your blog and I'm so glad you are on my reading list!! Your blog is one that always brings me a SMILE and Inspiration! Happy New Year Twin :D

  7. Happy New Year Janet, I have been following you for a long time and I love your art work. You are an inspiration to me.... = )

  8. Happy New Year, Janet! Finding you and your blog (via Hanna's postcard swap I think...) has been one of my inspiration highlights of the year for sure. Look forward to seeing what 2012 brings :-)

  9. You accomplished a LOT and I look forward to following all the accomplishments of 2012 (and owning a Winter Girl of my own!) Happy New Year, Janet -- a lovely 2012 to you!

  10. Looks like a great year to me- maybe your word for this year should be 'open' mine might be two words 'follow serendipity'

  11. This is FANTASTIC!!
    Thank you for sharing... very inspiring *hugs*
    Cheers and "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" :]

  12. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Happy New Year Janet!!! Thanks for sharing an overview of your year in art. Yes, time is ticking away the end of the year. We are listening to some old tunes on our new record player. Here's wishing you the best in 2012 and may you have another art filled year!

  13. happy New year Janet.. that was one hellova creative year there!!

    I cant think of a word, so like you, so I am guessing that it means I too should be open to the year without restraint or constraint! heres to another wonderful year to you and yours - all the best from krissie

    ps LOVE that new header!!!!

  14. Happy New Year Dear Friend....My wish is that I can start really getting back to making things with love. You make me what to get off my bottom and get glue in my hair, paint on my figures, trash to treasures, and play! Love, Mary

  15. It was great seeing your yearly art all together. I need to do an EOY post but it will probably not be until 2012.

  16. Happy New Year Janet. Such a lovely sum up of your varied art year. I always love reading your blog to see what your latest project is, as you are, as you say, always doing something differet.

  17. Fun, interesting post. Happy New Year Janet deargirl. xo

  18. it was a pleasure to spend time in your blog and checking your lovely artworks, i love your faces!

  19. It was fun looking back over your year of creativity, Janet. I'll look forward to following along in 2012. xo

  20. Happy New Year,'s great to have you back! I love this retrospective of your artistic's been a full one to be sure! I am looking forward to another year of staying artfully in touch!


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