Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blue Haired Ladies and Computers...

This will be a quickie post today. I'm just sharing another spread in my BOD journal. I'm not actually doing the same things that Effy is doing but I'm working in the altered book that I made for this class. As always, doing my own thing!

This is a spread that began with a magazine picture. I made it my own by painting over it and adding the blue hair. I'm not a little blue-haired lady even though I might be old enough...but I wouldn't mind having blue hair if it was bright like this!

I might not be around too much over the next few days. HB and I are having new computers built for for him and one for me. I'll be getting a much larger monitor so I have to re-arrange my desk area to accommodate it. I'm really excited about this because the new computer will be very fast and have a lot of memory. This guy builds computers for gamers. He's going to add in all the things I want plus transfer things from my old computer to the new one. The computer I'm using now (my desktop computer) is one I got for Christmas in 2004!!! I also have a laptop that I got a couple of years ago. I mostly use my desktop computer because I hate the keyboards on the laptops. Lately my old computer has been freezing a lot and I had a blue screen a few days ago so it's on its last leg. I'll have the new one in about a week.

Have a fun week-end!!!


  1. Fantastic journal spread! And yes, that's definitely blue hair you could live with!

    Good luck with the new computer!

  2. Beautiful girl again. I love the way you make them your own, you make it look so easy even though it's not.
    How exciting to get a new computer, and a handyman to organize it all. Good luck with the whole process!

  3. Love the art. My Mom's Mom always had a blue rinse on her hair. And sometimes it looked more like lavender. Do ladies still get that?
    Hugs ♥♥

  4. Her face is beautiful! I am going to have to try this strategy of painting over a magazine photo...what a great result!

  5. Like your blue haired girl and have fun with the new computer!

  6. Delightful journal page- very creative- congratulations on getting a new computer- I'm dreaming of a new one- mine is getting persnickity

  7. gorgeous lady and gorgeous blue for hair! I like it!

  8. I love your blue-haired lady! That's the kind of blue hair I'd want, if I were ever inclined to dye mine. :)

    New computer! That's exciting, especially a custom-built one.

  9. I'd quite like blue hair like that!!

    New computer sounds exciting :-)

  10. love the way the text flows through her hair. congrats on the new computer! I just did a huge memory upgrade on my laptop and am loving the speed.

  11. Janet I love your artwork as of late! "Painting over" sounds like fun even for a novice like me! How do I get started? What paints should I begin with?I think a great project for my grandaughter and I while I'm here in AZ!
    Creating memories with her!
    BTW congrats for all your published work in the magazines listed on your sidebar!
    You go girl!love and light Anna

  12. I love your blue lady. I should look so good after 6 days no power. I was blue but not like that. I have been cruising your blog and got caught up watching the Nia video with Debby Rosas. DH could here it from the other room and came to see what I was up to.... I won't tell you what he thought from just hearing it. LOL I was fascinated. I may have to give this a try (when he is not around). Your art always amazes me. I love the girl in red too.

  13. ((SIGH))
    Love, love... love!!!
    Do I need to say any more. :]
    She is beautiful.
    Blue hair... Love it!!!

  14. how long till you get the computer, love the blue haired lady, i to am doing my own thing in the book, between her and amy and me

  15. She's fun -- reminds me of a friend who changes the color of her hair often -- and it's always bright (maybe blue, maybe purple, maybe cranberry...)

  16. Ooh I love the girl with the blue hair, she is lovely. A new computer is always fun.. Have a great time with it.


  17. I'd love vibrant colored hair like that too. I have dared to put a couple of clip in extensions just for the fun of it...but that's about it..Good job. I'm so happy for you getting rid of that ancient I can only imagine how slow that ball and chain is!! I too like a larger screen, but I have embraced the acer netbook newer one is easier too!I'm now dreaming of an ipad 2...

    Happy Sunday to you!
    Hugs Giggles

  18. How exciting! I always Love getting a new Computer. Mine is still fairly new and has quite a bit space left. My Mom got a huge Monitor and gave me her old one which is alot bigger than mine and I Love it.
    I also Love Your Blue Hair Lady too. Your art is so Amazing!!!

  19. You and HB will love your new computers, Janet! Mine is just over a year old and I love it. Wonderful spread for BOD!


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