Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Doing Nothing....

Wow! I must have struck a nerve with my last post because so many of you commented and I also had a lot of private emails from you explaining how you feel the same way I do. That makes me feel better, to know I'm not alone with these thoughts.

After I posted that last entry, I felt a huge relief. I felt like the day was mine to do whatever I wanted. I played, I read, I watched some shows on Netflix and I enjoyed myself....and I worked on some things in the studio. No big project, nothing to really show, but I was having fun doing "nothing"....that is, nothing structured, nothing for a class, nothing that I finished.

One thing I did work on was one of the pages I shared last time. I wasn't happy with it and knew I wanted to change it. This is what I did....

I like this page much better now. I'm also working on the other one with the "floating" head. I'm giving her a body and something to anchor her to the page.

Yesterday we were out and we stopped at B&N. I found a small book that completely inspired me and it isn't even an art book. Today I began painting some pages that I'll use in a project I want to do inspired by the book. I hope to have something to show you in a day or two. Until then, keep making art and don't let yourself get sucked in to all the things you "should" be doing. Keep it simple....make yourself happy and the rest will fall into place.