Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Gonna Get Crazy....

Things might get a little crazy around here for the next week or so. Not only am I getting a new computer (probably by Friday)- we're switching ISPs, and I have Flora's class starting on Monday plus a few other class/workshop things going on. I might be offline with the ISP thing for a day or so.

To keep you up-to-date on some of what I've been doing, here's another of my little blank books that I altered.

You may already know that I hate to cook so when I saw this image online I knew it was perfect for the little book where I jot down recipes. I covered up the author's name with my own name and I think it looks just right.

This morning I watched some videos about a technique I wanted to try. I learned about the videos here. So far I've done the sketch, painted over it with acrylics and added the layer of tissue paper...

This is a sketch from a picture I saw in a magazine. I liked the different angle of her face and wanted to try it. I'll let you see the next step when I finish it.

And lastly I haven't been working too much in my bigger art journal so I decided to do a spread. I had part of the background already done and just added the images, some stamping, tape, doodling, etc...

and here are the individual pages...

When I saw the image of the older ladies looking at the naked man I knew I wanted to use it sometime. Today was the day! I added the heart on his bum...afterwards I thought a big kiss image would have been better but I had the little heart sticker.

The red line going across the pages came to me after we watched Touch with Keifer Sutherland (loved it) the other night. It told about an old Chinese legend of a red string tied around your ankle and it connects to all the other people that you're connected with.

Okay, that's all I have for now. See you in a few days. Wish me luck with all this computer stuff!


  1. Good luck with the computer stuff!!! And have fun with Flora's class. I'm going to check out the link to the techniques you mentioned next- new techniques are always fun!

    Love the altered I hate to cook recipe book. And the new pages are really cool. Glossing over the naked bum, love the idea of the red string. I will have to look out for that movie.

  2. LOL I love the altered cook book! I hate to cook too. There are better things to do than stand in a kitchen cooking! YUCK!

  3. Good luck!!! I've been getting grey hair all day over my laptop. Much more fun making art. I love your cook book. (had to laugh out loud so handyman came running wondering what I was doing) Busy as usual, how fun to learn many new things, always a thrill.
    Your spread looks cool too, and the nude man, looks great.
    Be sure to have fun too!!

  4. You've been busy, Janet! Love the portrait sketch! Interesting idea about the red string tied around the ankle. Cute cookbook cover!

    Enjoy your new computer and I hope all goes well with the new ISP.

  5. I love your hate to cook book!! funny :)

  6. shawn3:35 PM

    LOVE the cookbook cover! And I don't envy you working with computer stuff :(

  7. Your cooking journal is just the best! But it's all pretty. Good luck with the computer gremlins. Hate any kind of change in computerland!

  8. also love the cook book - that is so funny cos even thought I hate cooking when I do it usually comes out more than ok!

    saucy pic there with the heart! love it!

  9. Hi Janet...Yay! For the new computer!! I hope the transition and new computer all go smoothly. That's a cute cookbook cover for your very own recipes. I'm going to watch the video you mention right after I comment...and not lastly...the journal spreads are super...lol@oldder ladies looking at the naked man.
    I missed "Touch" the other night but I'm going to try and catch it online as it doesn't start until March.

  10. Best of luck with the new computer!

    I love the I Hate To Cook Book. Hilarious! Also, can't wait to see how the portrait comes out! It looks great so far. :)

  11. OMG I'm so old that I remember who wrote that book. I think it was Peg Bracken??

    Love the sketch of the face. You are really getting so good with the faces. Hope all goes smoothly with your new computer. Talk to you soon.

  12. Everything sounds, fantastic! :]
    What fun, a new computer, online classes, and working in your art journal.
    Thank you for sharing the video link... wonderful.
    Question... you mention here in your post "larger" journal, may I ask what size, paper type, brand this is.
    I find myself, geared more to larger pieces, when it comes to journaling.
    This is why I usually create "loose" pages, then bind it all together.
    Let me know when you have a moment, please.

  13. You will do fine with the new computer, I love the pages, the heart on the bum is perfect. I love the play fullness of the whole idea. Thanks for the link to Tee's posts. I found her on Milliande's Facebook site. SHe does some nice things.

    You are going to have so much fun in that class

  14. A new computer can be a real adventure...I hope the class is really good. I have been a little MIA because of family gatherings and Arney was home for 12 days on vacation. I have been making cards but as I said on my blog, I forget to put them on. I remembered today.
    take care of you, Mary

  15. I love the cookbook!!!great idea:)

  16. Hi Janet, hopefully this finds you enjoying that new computer! Is that Flora Bowley's class you are taking?

    Love the heart on his bum! Hilarious!


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