Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Little Painting, A Little Stamping...

Hi everyone! Did you think I'd forgotten about my blog? Almost! I've been enjoying the freedom of just doing what I want, when I want, and posting something on my blog hasn't entered my mind! Don't get me wrong. I love blogging and I've been visiting lots of blogs over the past week but I haven't really had anything to share with you on mine.

I've been working on some things that I'm doing for a small swap with two blog friends. And I'm also working on something for a mail swap with a new blog there isn't much I can show you even though I've been making art.

I did start a 12" x 12" canvas recently. Here's the background...

LOVE it!! I used some spray paints, stencils, Adirondack spray washes, and a light wash of cream paint to tone it down a bit.

Then I began adding some shapes and decided to make a vase of flowers...which is not something I usually paint. Here's where I'm at with it...

Very, very preliminary. I think I want to keep the color scheme with just that pop of red and maybe just a couple more small spots of it.

I also did some more painted papers...

And carved a couple of small stamps...

Other than that I can't show you anything else I've been doing. Oh, wait...I can share one thing I've been doing. I've been looking for an exercise program that I'd like and I found one here. I've never been one for a lot of jumping around like in aerobics but this program is perfect because it's more fluid movements. So far I'm enjoying it and I seem to have more energy. There's one video on the website and then I ordered one of the DVDs from ebay where I got a better price.

Okay, that's it from here...I hope you're all having a fun weekend. I'm going to work on my swap projects and my new painting. See you soon...


  1. You should sell your 12X12 to scrapbookers, like me! It's gorgeous!!!

  2. Hi Janet nice to see you again. All of your stuff looks great. That canvas is going to really great, and the upper one of your painted papers got me stearing. It looks excactly like some "wrinkled"(perhaps uneven is the word I'm looking for) fabric. How on earth did you do that? Amazing!
    Love your stamps too, I have been thinking of doing stamps too but haven't reached that point yet.
    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with your training. :-)

  3. Hey Janet! I'm glad taking the pressure off yourself has helped. Now I feel I don't HAVE to blog, I'm more inspired too. Love the work you have been doing, and especially the painted papers. I will check on that exercise link. I'm feeling very lazy and lumpy of late!

  4. Like your start on the canvas. the papers are great (thinking Valentine's day). I've heard of Nia before and I'll have to check out the website. I think it's hard, the older you get, to find something you really like doing that doesn't tear the joints up anymore than they already are!

  5. love the colors of your flowers/vase piece and can't wait to see what develops. It's so much more fun to see the layers build than to just see the finished product.

  6. Janet, I'm so happy to hear that you've been taking time to do what you want! Your work is beautiful -- I love the butterflies -- and I can tell that you've been feeling creatively freer just from looking at it. :)

  7. Congratulations on finding the "right" exercise for you! Come by for a visit!

  8. strange isnt it... once the pressure is off the desire to do things returns!!

    love your papers!! a great foundation for some great pages to come!

  9. I love your art! there is something about the way you 'throw' backgrounds together and they always turn out perfect!
    I think we all take breaks from blogging from time to time.. me? I seem to be settling into just posting as I wish.. you seem to be too :)

  10. shawn2:14 PM

    Love the colors on your canvas! I've been carving stamps too- very fun!

  11. You look like you have been having fun with paper and paint, one of my favorite things to do.

  12. Your background papers are gorgeous!! And great work on those stamps...I have the supplies, not I just have to get it done! Did you say that you are taking Julie's stamp carving course?? Congrats on looking into the exercise program...I just joined a health club last week...yikes!

  13. i am so glad to hear you have been enjoying yourself and taking life as it comes, wonderful! i am here following your steps as well and yes for nia! i love it too!

  14. Glad to hear you've been enjoying the freedom to just blog when you feel like it without obligation. Your 12"x12" canvas is looking great...of course, you know how much I love blues and greens together. Red makes a lovely contrast.

    I've heard of Nia dancing/exercise before. It sounds like something I would like too. Aerobics has never been of interest to me. I think my body is too stiff and sore for yoga but I wouldn't mind trying Tai Chi as it's a gentle exercise...right up my alley. :)

  15. Oh my goodness Janet! I absolutely adore that canvas background (and the start of the vase of flowers)- it jaw drppingly beautiful!!!! Love the other bits too. So glad you're having fun in the studio.

  16. LOVE that canvas background. That stamp on the left is the best. And the tags. And the other stuff. Busy woman, you are! And we get to see it and be inspired and delighted!

  17. Hi Janet...trying this again. I love your painted papers! I especially like the one with gold and yellow tones. I really like your stamps. I love the background on the canvas too!!!

  18. WOW!!
    Janet you have been busy!
    Everything looks FABULOUS.
    You got your "mojo" going on gal, keep it coming!! :]
    Isn't it fun carving your own stamps?
    I really have enjoyed that in the past.
    Thank you for sharing. You got me in the mood to carve one again.

  19. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Hi Janet! Have any advice for a young artist? I like your style. Its beautiful :)

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