Friday, January 13, 2012

Playin' and Gettin' Dirty!

Today has been a fun day so far. No "have to" was just me and some paint and a few sheets of junk paper. I was running low on painted papers and with a project I have in mind I knew I'd need some new ones. So out came the paints and....

this was one of the end results!
Dirty, messy hands....just the way I like them.

and these are a few of the other results.

These green pages are fairly subtle 
but I needed some with all over pattern.

Some of you asked about the book that inspired me the other day and I didn't mention it because it's just a little date/calendar Spanish! It has some interesting artwork in it and the minute I opened it I was hooked. More to come soon....


In other news, I recently received this cute little birdie clip from April Cole ....

It's such a great idea....the little paper birdies are attached to a patterned paper clip. Wouldn't these be fun to use in a journal? Thanks, April!!


  1. Hi Janet, Your backgrounds are fantastic! I can't wait to see what develops :)

  2. painting backgrounds is my FAVORITE thing to do. these look delicious!

  3. those pages look great, did you doodle on them, first. I love the paper birdie, yes that would be in my journal.

  4. It looks like you had alot of fun, always a pleasure to make needed backgrounds. I can see that you used the magic design-dust. You always make such lovely designs. Have fun using your newly made papers!

  5. Hi Janet!
    So nice to always visit you. I love your messy hand photo!!! It is true...I love to have a day with NOTHING to do. I hate when I have a day filled with appointments and obligations...but I suppose a mix is a good thing. :) I lost my mom in October...didn't know if you still couldn't get on my blog but it was her time and I was blessed to have her in my life so long.
    I wish you many days of freedom and play time this year and always enjoy seeing your artistic endeavors! xo Betzie

  6. Even before I read a word the pictures in this post delighted me in every way! Especially the hands photo! You need Gojo! (Works for me, even when I'm a mess of acrylics!)

  7. The best embellishment for hands and fingers is PAINT.... Neat background papers. You do those so well, and actually use them for backgrounds. tee hee Sometimes I make backgrounds and like them so much I am afraid to move on from there!

  8. Paiting backgrounds like that is one of my favorite forms of play...I've been doing a bit of it myself lately. I also got one of April's birdie!

  9. shawn1:50 PM

    Looks like you're having fun!

  10. Love your paint filled hands! Love that VanGogh saying! Perfect!!

  11. I love the picture of your painted hands,and the papers look so yummy, what fun you had,

  12. Love the photo of your dirty (but happy!) hands, they are proof that you are enjoying what you are doing.
    Your pages are so colourful and happy.
    After my last comment you will understand why I say that I have read all your older posts to catch up on and I love it all and am being lazy in posting a response to them here. So much inspiration in your paintings, as usual. And I love your photo on your cover of your BOD. I the idea of keeping the covers off the old books is something I hadn't thought of before. Brilliant!!
    I am off now to check out the link to that movie, you are the second person to tell me to watch it.

  13. Painted paper backgrounds.... My favorite!!!
    Looks like you are having fun :)
    So glad you are enjoying your "birdie" clip. (hugs)

  14. Love the paint on the hands pic. I actually feel good when my hands are messy like that as I know I have been creative. Love the backgrounds you made. Awesome!


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