Friday, January 06, 2012

Two Down....Only 364 to Go!

For 2012 I decided to TRY to do a journal page for each day. So far, I'm already behind! But at least I have two finished and three others in progress.

Here is the finished page for 01/01/2012....

I like this page because it seems fresh and light and the words are almost secondary and blend into the background. Here's a close-up of the center area....

Mostly I used colored inks (really old ones I had) and also some Adirondack Color Wash but I applied them with a small brush. I got the idea of doing that from Milliande's latest art journal projects.

Last night I finished the page for 01/02/2012....

Now on to the next pages! I hope to have some of them finished by tomorrow. See you then....


  1. Congrats on your two finished pages. That first one became a real winner to me, and I'm sure one could use hours to just look at it to notice all the details. I love roses too but the first one is my favorite.

  2. Love them. The first one is beautiful. This looks like a fun project.
    Happy New Year Janet ..!

  3. Well Janet,
    no wonder you are behind...look at all those lovely details! And you are going to do one every! They are so pretty and look like they took a while to make.

    Happy New Year and Art Journal Creating to you in 2012!

  4. Love those pages!! Colored pencils...such a mystery to me! I really really want to know what I'm doing and I shy away from them! These pages are fun!!

  5. There is so much detail ... you will not have time to sleep or eat. I love them.

  6. i love the technique. they are both beautiful. i really like the black and white then the color splash design in the center of the first one. i think i need to apply some of this color to my doodles.

  7. My word - LOVE that first page so much - what a way to start 2012!! The colors you chose really are amazing!!

  8. loving the pages and the colour, wow I wish i had your art energy,

  9. Looks like you are really spreading your "art wings" and giving us all some great ideas to work with. LOVE the pages.

  10. oh janet *sigh* I just LOVE the rose page and those colours are amazing.

  11. Hi Janet,
    Happy New Year,
    looks like you have set yourself some task there. I love the first oneso fresh just right for the first day of 2012.

  12. You, my friend, are just TOO talented!

  13. Hi Janet!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    I just LOVE both these journal pages.The round ball one is my favorite and those colors are too die for...but your doodling is wonderful! I'm so bad at that! I tried it a few times and feel like a total failure so didn't keep going. You have the knack! Have wonderful art filled year!

  14. The pages are awesome, the rose one turned out really fabulous. Your first one has such incredible detail and is beyond awesome. What a year 2012 is gong to be for you!

  15. Yes, I agree... "fresh & light", gorgeous page.
    Wow! you are on a mission.
    364 pages, this is going to be on heck of an art journal book!! *hugs*

  16. you are a very taleneted busy bee!
    i love these!
    they make me very happy
    thank YOU!


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