Saturday, January 07, 2012

Two More Art Journal Pages

I'm somewhat caught up on my journal pages. I'm sure that many days I won't be able to complete a page but as long as I begin a page each day I'll be happy. Here are two more finished pages....

This one was simple and easy.
And here's the page for January 5, 2012....

This page looks so much better in person. The browns are very rich and the red of her skirt is more like the red of the sunburst stencil in the corner. I'm not sure why it looks so faded in the photo. I tried adjusting it in my editing program but couldn't make it any better. I love that picture of the woman with the guitar!!

I have journaled in this corner 
and also a bit in the side blank area.

I may doodle around the edges of this page with a white pen over the dark brown paper. Not sure yet. I've also worked some in my BOD but nothing that I want to show yet. It's very preliminary.

Have a fun weekend!!


  1. great pages and fun ideas for journaling!

  2. Love the colors you used! very nice.

  3. Well Janet, you're a busy bee. The first page made me want an orange. I love the bright and jusy colours. I've often thought of making Sandra a cookbook using images to show the ingredients, that thought came back to me when I saw your page. The second one is different but very nice too. It's so filled with promises in some way.

  4. You are caught up and I haven't started..good job.
    I love this header...and you know I really thinking these gals are adorable. I think you should send them into a magazine...I worked on photo scanning all day. Working on ancestry and trying to share some pictures with family.
    I am working on thank you cards, I will share when done. Hugs, Mary

  5. These look great. I know I hate it when I just can"t photograph something correctly, its frustrating.

  6. Hi Janet...I can't keep up with visiting blogs. I like your two pages. I love the rich colors on the last one...I know what you mean about the colors fading in photos. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  7. Love the grocery list idea. Like most, my lists are on scraps of crumpled and torn paper. I'm thinking that I really need to improve my listing. It might also improve my view of food and how it fits into my life.

  8. Great journal pages, Janet! :)

  9. Great that you used your grocery list. That kind of stuff is so fun in art. Plus green. Hate to think of the lists I have tossed.

  10. i looooove that woman with the guitar and the colors are perfect with the mood

  11. Isn't it interesting how things DO look better in person? Yesterday I was at the doc and noticed it looked like all the hall walls used paint that was leftovers. The colors were different, not pretty, didn't go. I had my camera and thought I'd take pix for a post -- and the colors didn't show at all! Oh, well! I can tell from the image it's wonderful!


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