Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Beautiful Piece of Art...

None of my art to show you today because I've been working on things for a swap. I'm always late getting swap items finished and this one is no exception. I'm the world's worst swap partner!

Luckily this swap is with two blog friends and they've graciously extended me some extra time. I received my swap package from the very talented Lee in yesterday's mail. She always surprises me with the things she creates...they're always something different, refreshing and unexpected. This is what she sent me...

Getting a good photo was difficult as this has plexiglas over the top. It's so beautiful in person and unfortunately the post office managed to chip one corner. Nevertheless it's a wonderful piece of art that will hang on my studio wall.

Here's a close up showing 
the paint technique on the plexi...

Don't you just love it?!! 
Thank you, Lee! It's fantastic.

Now please excuse me while I get back to the studio and try to finish my swap pieces! See you soon...


  1. That looks really different, beautiful piece. What a pity the plexiglas was broken. I'm sure you will enjoy it on your studiowall.

  2. Anonymous2:44 PM

    What a fantastic and unusual piece! What a treasure to receive.

  3. wow that is a very neat piece. I love the idea with the plexi.
    Would love to do a swap with you again as I found you to be a very good swap partner!:))

  4. I love these colors -- they take me to deep beneath the sea. What a terrific artist -- and lucky you to be the recipient!

  5. Busy busy busy. Lovely gift. I LOVE mail call! :D :D

  6. Looks very interesting and something different. I'll have to check out her blog.and I know what you mean about "being in control"

  7. Oh my... This is beautiful! :]

  8. That is so Awesome! Grrr on the Post Office chipping it. I know your Art will be well worth the wait for your blog friends. Can't wait to see it.

  9. Hi Janet...I like your faces in the post below...that's a great idea...I'll have to check out Mystele's videos. Lee's art piece is so different...she's so talented. Cheers,

  10. I can see why you treasure this piece. It is gorgeous! Am sure you will make something equally beautiful x

  11. How neat that the painting on the perspex becomes a part of the picture. Such creativity, that's why I'll never be an artist..lol
    It must be hard to create to order Janet. Perhaps you over think it, being the perfectionist you are.
    Maybe when you are on a 'roll' you can create some things to use in future swaps, or would that be cheating?
    hugs ♥

  12. What a neat technique to paint on the Plexiglass for an additional layer. Enjoy!

  13. Always something new...you are amazing. Can you believe it snow here yesterday and it is still white today. You are one busy girl, hugs, mary


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