Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday in February...

No new art that I can share with you but I have a couple of photos. We are having such a mild winter this year. Just look at the temperature a few minutes ago...

That was the information showing on my new computer screen...

Isn't that a great screen!
 I love it. 
Watching videos on it is almost like watching TV.

Now I'm off to do something outside. We're supposed to have cooler temperatures and maybe some rain over the weekend.


  1. your new screen and mine are almost identical. I love the wide screen format. We get LA weather on TV on some channel that we watch and we are jealous

  2. Wow....I want one !
    you would not believe how out dated
    mine is.
    It is going to get down in the 20's
    here this Sat.
    Have a good week-end.

  3. That is one big screen, I bet you are just loving it. I wish it were 74 here.

  4. NICE on both counts, Janet! Weather looks good. Your monitor looks very similar to mine but a different brand. The tulip desktop image is BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. WONDERFUL! ((hugs))
    I know you must be super excited :]

  6. Snazzy computer. I can't believe that you have weather in the 70s....dreamy!!


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