Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It's a Drizzly Day...

Today it's a bit rainy and drizzly...about 50ยบ and gray outside. The perfect day to stay inside and do some artsy stuff.

First off here's a quicky sketch I did last night...

Nothing great, just practicing sketching a face.

In the stamp carving class (link over on the right side) I'm a little behind but that's okay. Here's a frame that I carved. Sorry about the stamping job. I didn't get it inked too good.

And here's a Celtic knot design I did...

I like that I can just continue stamping with it
 and make it as long as I want.

Not much else I can show you. I'm working on a swap with a couple of blog friends...later I'll be able to show you what I did for that. Now I think I'll sketch a few more faces...


  1. nothing like a wet misty day to inspire you to create! it's been raining here all summer. truly. I feel waterlogged!

  2. Everyone really seems to like the Stamp Carving class!

  3. Happy rainy day, Janet! Raining here too.. Your stamp designs are PERFECT!

  4. Hi Janet
    I just love your face, you are really becoming adept at these. I would love to draw faces like this.
    And your stamps are great. How terrific that you can do your own designs and I rather like the less inked look. Well done.

  5. I love your stamps, and that face, oh if only

  6. Nothing great? Are you kidding? She's lovely! Really love your stamps too. Both will be so useful, I'm sure.

  7. Hello Janet!
    We never saw a drip down here... just gloomy all day. :[
    I don't mind the clouds, if they are going to let down some water to clean our air.
    Really enjoy seeing your craved stamps.
    The frame, now that is a beauty! :]
    Take care. ((hugs))

  8. Hi Janet...Sorry, I haven't been by, I have been obsessed with the lettering class and making quilt blocks . I love your stamps...that's a wonderful Celtic knot stamp. The face is looking great...I can't wait to see how you do her hair.

    I hope your hubby is all better. I understand that Kidney stones are very painful.

  9. I love your stamps that you made!!!! I wish I had time to play and make some for myself. Work sucks ~ I never have time to play:(
    Hugs to you Janet.

  10. The stamps, especially, are beautiful! How wonderful to make your own!

  11. I love your art work!

  12. No rain here, or snow, just crisp cold sunny days. The best winter for years!
    I love your stamps. Good work. We used to do lino cuts at school, and then make prints, is that the same sort of thing?

  13. Wow, wow, wow...your stamps are AMAZING...seriously.


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