Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Oscar Time Again...

Here we are on THE BIG DAY! It's Oscar Sunday and I'm getting ready for my exciting evening. If you've been reading my blog for a few years then you know I like to "go" to the Oscars. It's the perfect time to dress up, look glamorous, and go out on the town. Keep in mind this is all virtual reality. I can look any way I want to, all the dresses fit, the make-up is perfect, and my hair isn't gray!

Shopping is never one of my favorite things to do unless it's for art supplies or books, but going shopping online is fun. I found several dresses I like...

This one is a bit too shimmery for me.

And this one might be too revealing!

Too pale...although I like it.

Just right!
This is the one I chose. 
I like the draping 
and it's dramatic without being too over-the-top.
I think it's red carpet worthy.

The shoes I chose are these...

Very classic but so beautiful.
They're by Christian Louboutin.
The leather is encrusted with Swarovski crystals
and they have a 4 inch heel!
(I hope I don't twist my ankle!!)

There were a few others I liked...
LOVE the color but not with this dress...

Same with these.

And if I didn't have to walk that looooong red carpet
 these might have been perfect.

Next up is hair.
I thought about this hairstyle...

Very soft and romantic.
Maybe a little too conventional for me.

 So I think I'll do this hairstyle...

There's a lot to get done before it's time for my date to arrive. Oh, that's right...I haven't told you who I'm going with this year. It was a complete toss-up as I had so many invitations. Brad called, George Clooney called, Colin Firth called...and of course, Johnny Depp called. I've gone with Johnny a couple of times and last year I went with Colin Firth so I thought it only fair to choose someone new this year.

So without further ado let me introduce you to....

Daniel Craig! 

He looks pretty darn good in a tux and if he can play James Bond I think he'll do just great for my date this year. I like ruggedly handsome guys anyway.

Arriving in style is all part of the game in Hollywood 
and we'll be doing it BIG TIME... 

enjoying some of the great accommodations
of our limousine...

I plan to dance the night away, drink lots of champagne and eat lots of delicious food. We're going to all the after-Oscar parties. I doubt if I'll make it home until the wee small hours of the morning. Don't worry, HB knows where I'll be!

If you would like to read about some of my past Oscar nights you can see them here, here, here, and here. On the first one you need to scroll down past the first part of the post.

Now I'm ready for my bubble bath and a massage. See you on the red carpet!

Kiss, kiss (air kisses)!!


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    you just made my day! I'm still smiling!!

  2. Janet, you're a trip. Each year when I read all your plans, it seems real. I mean like really REAL! LOL Have fun. HB is soooooo understanding! LOL

  3. You are going to be stuning as alwsys. Your choices are amazing. We are going to be knock outs for sure....Arney is going to watch us on TV...he gave us a word of sure and put that asprin between your knee's...I love you Janet, this is such fun...speaking of fun...have some:)

  4. How fun, and those shoes with the tiny peak of red. I love them. You're well prepared, have an amazing time!
    PS: remember to share some photos in your next post. :))
    Daydreaming is one of my skills too.

  5. Anonymous10:49 AM

    LOL. This really made me laugh. Don't think I could walk in any of those shoes lol.

  6. you and Daniel are going to look fabulous. Since you're not going to wear the purple shoes, maybe I will!
    I'll be watching for you on the red carpet.

  7. What about the jewellery? Don't forget the bling. Mind you it would have a hard time competing with those fabulous shoes.

    You are going to look out of this world darling and all eyes will be on you alone!

    I'd forgotten about your Oscar nights, great fun.

  8. Hi Janet...good choices for Oscar attire. Good choice of escort, I thought Shopgirl's advice was soooo funny!!! Have a good time at the Oscars!

  9. As soon as I saw the ad on the telly for the Oscars today I thought of you Janet. I love your posts about your fashion choices and of course who your date is. I think you have made a splendid choice in Daniel, just don't tire him out too much hehe! Can't wait to here about all the wonderful parties you made it to and who you sat next to at the ceremony. Have a great time :)
    Lee x

  10. What fun... this is great!
    Have a wonderful time (heheeheee) :]
    I really do love the dress you picked.

  11. I knew you'd be out having fun tonight!
    Dahling, you look simply MAHvelous! lol So glad I stopped by, I missed seeing you on the red carpet ;). I would have added you to my two other favorites out there - I loved Penelope Cruz's lavender dress and though I don't normally go for reds, I really liked Natalie Portman's dress with the teeny polka dots too.
    Though we don't have cable, etc, I still was able to watch a lot of the 'red carpet' streaming online. Then, we went and saw The Artist' (so glad we didn't wait for it on DVD, it's one of those films that look best on the 'big screen'). Very different movie experience, that we both enjoyed (who knew a silent film could play so well today?). As we were leaving the theater, I told K, "I sure hope it won SOMETHING!' Then we heard on the radio on the way home how many it had gotten.
    Anyway, hope you're still having fun, tripping the light fantastic with 007, out there in Hollywood Land! Lucky you - James Bond AND HB - who is definitely one understanding husband!
    M-Wah (kiss noise ;)

  12. Woo-hoo! you caused a sensation Janet. Those reporters on the red carpet couldn't get enough of you.
    I hope you managed to get a little sleep and that the hangover isn't too bad this morning!
    Mwah ♥♥

  13. James Bond good pick, hope you had a great time, sure you looked good with all those stunning clothes and shoes. I will be the one in the bleachers in her pj's

  14. So glad you didn't pick the cream colord dress, that's the one I bought. And wouldn't you know something came up and I had to miss the best part, the red carpet!
    Oh well glad you got to go. Now go rest your feet, I know they must be killing you after all that dancing.

  15. I always enjoy your Oscar night outings, Janet! I'm sure you got a lot of attention with your great taste in fashion. What fun!

  16. Daniel Craig, oh my he's a fav of mine too. I forgot all about doing a post for this. Too much on my mind last week. i just loved yours. DId you have a great time?


  17. Love your dress and your date!!! The "do" is totally you too! Ha!
    Jessi xox


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