Sunday, February 05, 2012

Keeping Busy in the Studio...

As promised here are a few pictures of things I'm working on right now. First up I added some color to that picture I shared last week...

She still needs some hair.

And I've been carving some stamps in Julie Balzer's class...

I also decided to do a lettering class! 
I know...I never learn do I? More classes!! 
But here is a composition book that I'll be using for that...

It's just some duct tape and a bit of printed scotch tape with some of the original cover showing. When I get some things done in it I'll share them.

And last, I did another spread in my art journal...

This one had the woman on the right page and the basic color and it had been sitting for a long time. I decided to finish it up and everything I did was spur of the moment, not much thinking and I'm not really sure what it all means!
I'd like to think of a word that I could add to the dark purple area at the top above the pictures of the women but nothing has come to mind yet. If I think of something I'll add it using white ink.

I like the fingers pointing! As I said, not sure what it all means but it came together and I went with it. Now I'm off to carve some more stamps and do some lettering.


  1. Lol. I've been looking at a lettering class as well, knowing fuill well that I don't really have time for it. But the lure of a class that doesn't have a specific end date (so I can do it in my own time) is strong!

    The face looks like it's progressing nicely and that impromptu journal page looks fun.

  2. love the stamps. i've been going to try, a class would be nice. you can never take to many classes. even if you took 2 the same you'd learn something different each time. last class i signed up for i got the nights mixed up and missed it.

  3. What great things you're making! Thanks for sharing the link in your last post. I've been looking at the videos and tried a face myself. Not that easy, and mine didn't get any hair at all. Yours look really cool and I'm sure you'll manage to give her hair as well.
    Making stamps is on my list of "want to", you made some nice stamps too.
    And your spread is another surprise, one never know what to expect from you. That's one of the things I admire the most. Btw, congrats on the new computers and I hope your HB is fine.

  4. You've been busy, Janet. It doesn't hurt to keep learning...of course, my problem if finding the time. lol Your stamps look fantastic!! I bought a wood-burning tool and have the foam-core...just need to make some stamps I learned a technique for in one of Alisa Burke's classes. I also have stamp cutting tools and a piece of lino so I should really get my act together.

    Lovely work, as always! xo

  5. Ha! I had my finger hovering over the pay now button on a lettering class today and then decided I could not add one more thing to my plate. But you know as soon as I see all the great work people like you are doing I'm going to want to join! Your stamps are great - I'm on a stamp making roll this weekend. And I really love the way that spread turned out.

  6. Love your stamps. I don't know why but when I looked at your 2 page spread and the man with his hand over his mouth I thought of Tim Gund (the guy on TV). Your guy doesn't even look like him but the expression on his face and the finger pointing.
    Love your blue lady too.
    What lettering class are you taking, if I may ask. I have been thinking of taking one.I did get a book, Hand Lettering by Marci Donley & DeAnn Singh and love it.

  7. PS. It is 60 degrees here today.Keep on wishing me warm weather!!!! It works.

  8. Wow awesome dimension and expression.. Obviously you are learning alot in your classes. Always love your art Janet.

  9. Lovin' those carved stamps!!
    It's so addicting isn't it...

    And good to hear your hubby is OK too. Hope things have settled down to normal!!

    xx tj

  10. shawn3:43 PM

    Love those stamps!! And that image on the left hand page it so funny- great work.

  11. The face is gorgeous, the stamps are awesome, and the images you have for your art journal are cool!! I guess that's Joanne's lettering class? I am loving it; I hope you have time to enjoy it too!

  12. Love those stamps Janet.

  13. Your stamps are amazing. It looks like such fun to make your own stamps. I love the journal page with the bald man and all those old photos or memories popping out of his head.

  14. Your stamps look great - you will get lots of use and fun out them, I'm sure!

    I love your art journal spread, especially the pointing fingers!

  15. LOVE IT ALL, Janet!!
    You have bee very busy :]
    Your stamps are beautiful, what fun to create your very own, right?!
    It makes them so personal, I think.
    Happy Monday ((hugs))

  16. i hope your husband is getting better by the minute i heard those kidney stones are horrible painfully :-(
    and i am glad to hear that you have kept yourself busy as usual that face is a million dollar face and so are those stamps, i have made corks and that's all so you are wonderful trying and growing

  17. Your creative energy and thirst for knowledge are inspiring... Now I crave to make some stamps too.

  18. I really like the stamps, you will save a ton of money, ready made ones are so costly.I think that journal spread is GREAT, the first thing I thought of was, Who would have thought it, even you can be a princess! Good job with the face, looking forward to seeing how hair changes her.

  19. You've got some great projects going. Who are you taking a lettering class from?

  20. I dislike my handwriting, always have, I need a class. You have been very busy. I love it all...your start of a girl is really pretty.
    I have had Kidney stones...that is a awful pain. I had to have a kidney blast to make mine small enough to pass.Long story. Anyway, so far so good, I haven't had them for a few years now. A handy hint, drink real lemon. I try to do it everyday. He can buy it in the bottle and put it in a drink of somekind or get real lemon juice. I used to drink Simple Lemon. And of course there are foods that are stone makers. I passed 3 stones before I got the kidney blast, it was awful. After the blast, I passed them but there was no pain.
    Love you, Mary

  21. I just love the stamps you are creating, Janet, so clever. If I signed up for anything else I would not have any time to sleep, ever!It is tempting though.
    The cover of your book is fabulous, I just love the printed Scotch tape, I wish we could get it here. I'm seeing it pop up everywhere. I suppose we might in a years time, (fingers tapping thoughtfully)Maybe I could do something to make my own in the meantime.
    I just love, love, love your journal page, the photo of the man is a crack up.

  22. I love the graphic of the man in your art journal! There is something about him that says "come in -- I have something amazing to show you!"


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