Saturday, February 11, 2012

Red Vase...and Another Face

In the middle of a major house cleaning, I managed to finish the flower painting I started a couple of weeks ago...

I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. 
And I started another face using the tissue paper technique...

She doesn't have hair or eyebrows yet but I'm liking the way she's coming together. I have a couple of other things in the process but will share them later.

The major house cleaning is because my daughter is coming to visit! So you might not see too much of me over the next week. She'll be at our house next Friday. I'm so excited. I haven't seen her since January of 2009. She's just going to be here for a quickie visit but that's better than nothing.


  1. Love your flowers Janet, the colours are all so harmonious and the dark red vase just sets is all off. Looking forward to seeing your finished tissue paper face, she really is coming along nicely. She has beautiful eyes.

    Such wonderful news that your daugher is coming to visit, have a wonderful time together.

  2. How wonderful you get to see your daughter is coming to visit Janet! You must be so excited.

    The vase of flowers is really pretty and the face looks fabulous so far. I'm sure she's going to be an absolute stunner by the time she's finished!

  3. You're doing well with the flow of creativity, Janet. Your flowers are lovely! Can't wait to see how this girl ends up.

    I'm so happy to hear you will be getting a visit from your daughter. Have an amazing time!!! xo

  4. Beautiful flowers. I especially like how you combined the patterned background with the flowers. My experience is that it's not easy to get a successful result by doing that, but you certainly did.

    This face is going to be a winner, absolutely stunning eyes.

    Enjoy your time together with your daughter, soak in every minute and her stay will feel much longer.

  5. oh how wonderful to see your daughter, and show her all your art, by the way fess up what the heck is the tissue paper technique

    I happen to love the vase and flowers, so beautiful

  6. Hi Janet, I have left some comments over the past week and they seem to disappear :(. I'm not sure why, but I decided to try again. I love the work you have been creating lately -just want you to know.

  7. oh enjoy your dd... we are seeing ours in march as she is coming over for a few days - Its so hard when they live so far away! makes the time we do have with them oh the more so precious! so enjoy! LOVE the flowers!!

  8. Hi Janet...visitors always inspire me to clean my house. I hope you have a great visit with your daughter. I love the colors in the vase piece...the red vase adds a pop of brightness. And it looks like you are on your way to another great face!!

  9. I'm absolutely in love with your flowers in a vase! I could see you making a wonderful fabric pattern on with them. :)

    Loving the new face, too.

    Happy cleaning! I really should follow your example.

  10. Oooooh, I love that vase and blue green flowers!!!

  11. I love the flowers in the red vase:) I am so excited for you, that is a long time to be apart from your daughter. Have fun, hug alot, and share everything! Love, Mary

  12. Love that flower are so talented!
    I hope you have a fun visit with your daughter Janet!!! xo

  13. Oh my... the flower painting is FANTASTIC!
    Can not wait, to see the finished piece of your "tissue paper" artwork. So far, she looks lovely ((hugs))
    Enjoy having your daughter home for a visit, It's girl time!!! :]

  14. Have a great time with your daughter, Janet! My mom was just here to visit, Thursday to Monday morning, and it wasn't near enough time. I love your vase of flowers painting--both the background and the flowers are beautifuL!

  15. Your flower painting is fab! I love the background, how it is different all around the vase and flowers. I adore the colors you chose to work with . And the flowers are so vibrant and alive! Well done!
    Your face is coming along really well. I am still challenge with faces.

  16. Love your flower painting - the red vase makes it very dramatic I think.

    Have fun with your daughter xx

  17. Happy Valentines Day Janet. How lovely your daughter is visiting ♥
    Enjoy every minute.
    I love your red vase of flowers. Red is my favourite colour. That would make a nice framed picture.

  18. The red vase painting is awesome. It's very stylized, and I can picture it framed in someone's kitchen or dining area.

    Enjoy every minute with your daughter. I dont know why they stay away so long. I haven't seen mine since April 2010. She was coming to visit in December, then she changed it to Jan, and now it's Feb with still no kid. Ah, they are just so busy with their own lives. It's our fault for making them so independent. Enjoy your time. xo

  19. The flowers are gorgeous, and the beginning of the woman is very interesting, can't wait to see how you finish her.
    Great talent.

  20. Oh I am so excited for you. I know how much you miss your daughter. I love the red vase painting. A good start to your face, I am sure she will evolve into something special.

  21. Those blues and greens rock my world! They are simply gorgeous!

    And have a fabulous time with your daughter! I can hear the chats now!

  22. Love your flowers. By the way there are Blue Poppies. Himalayan Blue Poppy. I grew them awhile back and shall be ordering more seeds soon. Google them. They are so blue and beautiful.
    Have fun with your daughter!!!!

  23. Hi Janet,
    Naughty blogger here. lol Been a while(personal issues) thought I'd better pop on by.
    Soo glad I did, I loove what your doing. I'm off to cheek out the faces when I'm finished here.
    Your latest art pieces are fabulous.
    Have a wonderful time with your daughter visiting.
    Creative hugs,

  24. I don't know which to comment on first- the flowers or your daughter, and oh my, that would be skipping the face, altogether!
    Flowers and vase! Happy happy- that's the look to me! Quite cheerful!
    I am also so happy that your daughter will be visiting. Where does she live? I am in NJ, and I have one daughter who has settled in AZ. I remember once when we hadn't seen her in a year. Time does fly faster than I care, but it is a long time to not see a "child." My other daughter is presently in from CA, her home away from home. I think it is only a matter of time before she settles out there. Thankfully I still have my 2 sons on the east coast, but who knows where they will end up once they graduate from their colleges!
    Enjoy your time with your daughter. I wish you many happy moments with her.

  25. LOVE the art as always rock! Have fun with your daughter.


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