Sunday, March 11, 2012

4 Paintings and Some Mail...

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day either painting or watching Mystele's painting video. I had some frustrations and some fun and I'm happy with what I did.

But first of all I have something else to show you. I was in a swap with Lee and TJ. I already showed you the art piece Lee did for me. Now here is what TJ sent...

She did some stitching on the square heart piece but I'm not sure it shows up in this photo. I love love love the background technique she used on these and the colors are beautiful. The ATC is a sample of some German cool is that! Thank you, TJ...I hope the art pieces I sent will arrive soon. I'll show those later.
I did some extra touches on this painting...

I added the halo and the words so now I think it's finished.

I also re-worked this one a little bit 
but now her forehead looks weird...

It's too dark on one side or the other side is too light! 
Either way I need to fix it.

Here's another one I was working on...

She needs some more work, too.

And finally here's one I did 
on one of the dollar store wood plaques I bought recently...

Now I hope I can make more improvements today. 
I plan on another day of painting.


  1. I love Mysteles style...her work is so unique. I won a print of her three angels a few years back. Love it!

    Love the blue headscarf lady! I think the forehead has depth...and the lips are phenomenal...seriously gives hers so much personality!!! Good job...I like this style on you Janet!!! lol

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Something about blue hair....I like it Janet! Your new banner on your blog looks nice too!

  3. Great swaps with TJ. And you are doing SO much painting...that's awesome! Your blog banner looks great, too.

  4. Beautiful swap Janet. I love your lady with blue hair and admire your dedication to keep practicing too. Love your banner xx

  5. LOVE your gals - they look like they would be fun to hang out with! We are each our own worst critics!!

  6. Love your "happies!" Oooh, that egg shaped one caught my eye right away. Oh girl, you are way too critical. Your pieces are ALWAYS PERFECT! xoxo

  7. Wonderful ,wonderful... wonderful.
    Such a delight to visit your site. Very inspiring <3
    Great swap and the paintings, I love them al.
    You are very talented, Janet.
    Thank you for sharing, always ((hugs))

  8. Wonderful work, Janet!

    I especially love the last painting. There's something about her expression -- serene, but powerful -- that speaks to me. Lovely.

  9. Always something new. You make me want to try faces, how brave am I?
    Not so much!!!! These are fun and I love all the color. Hygs, Mary

  10. I had your lady with the blue hair on my mind when I went shopping. As I was going into a store she was walking out. I swear she was the girl with the blue hair. I gave her the strangest look (like I know you but can't place it look). Then it hit me.
    wow and lol. Your work is following me everywhere.
    PS Snowing again today....:-(

  11. Hi Janet! O.K., these faces are seriuosly cool! LOVE! I can't wait to try Mystele's style but it will have to wait until I am done with Jane's class. I think you would enjoy "Supplies Me"!
    Jessi :)

  12. Hi Janet...been away from the net a few days. I finally got my postcards finished. I love your faces...they are all different. I think I like the one with the blue turban best. I don't know...I was looking at the one with red hair...I like her best :)

  13. These are coming along nicely. I see Mystele's technique but I see your style and that is great!


  14. I don't think I've seen Mystele's work before, but I really like yours! TJ's cards are great too. You have been Busy, making your lovely art. I've just been busy with house stuff etc.sorry I've been so absent. I'm enjoying seeing all your eye candy at once, though. A feast for the eyes!

  15. The last one is just perfect. No touchie, Janet. LOL

  16. Wow, I love what you did for the class! Mystele's video was wonderful and what you pulled from it ;) it just gorgeous! I LOVE your blue hair girl - and really like the addition of the dark outline. Really beautiful, bold work, xoxo

  17. Janet you are amazing! I feel famous having my artwork on your blog.

    Your portraits are so beautiful, it's super cool to see them in real life (the cards you sent).

    I'm so lucky, thank you for swapping with me!!
    Hugs from MN,
    xx tj


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