Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Blue Haired Gal...

I'm really late getting anything posted today. HB is still not feeling good but we had some business that had to be taken care of this afternoon. He did okay but he was definitely happy to be back home again.

I played in my art journal this morning. I had a couple of pages where I'd "cleaned off" some stencils, and then I had added a very light layer of a cream/pale yellow paint. Then I painted a face on one page and I played with her hair...I think I have a thing for blue haired gals!!

You know how I don't like painting hair!

I like the way her hair turned out but her face looks like a very young woman. I didn't plan on just happened. I might change the color of her eyes and make them brown.

Okay, it's getting late so I think I'll spend some time reading.