Saturday, March 24, 2012

Do You Act Natural??

A little change of pace today. No faces. No bright colors. Just some neutrals. I'm taking a class from Julie over at The Land of Lost Luggage and it's all about using more subdued colors. The class is Act Natural. It's a fun class and when you sign up you get all the videos right away so you can go at your own pace. I sat down and watched almost all of them one night, then over the next few days I watched them again and really tried to absorb the content.

Here's a journal spread I did after watching the videos...
remember to click on photos to view larger

I started with some drippy paint...
then used a couple of stencils...

added some bits of collage...

This is the completed spread.
I "knocked back" the collage pieces with some 
light washes of paint...
and added some circles and dots.
Left side...
Right side.

I wish I had some different tip sizes to write with so the quotes would show up a little better. But I guess it doesn't need to be "in your face"...all in all I'm pleased with this journal spread and will try using more subdued colors again. This was fun! Which do you prefer - bright colors or subdued colors??


  1. In answer to your question ... BOTH!!!! Guess it's mood.

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I like both, such soft delicate work,

  3. You work with bright colors better than anyone I know. But I like these subdued colors too, and the watercolory look. I have a shirt that looks almost like that journal page and I'be been wanting to try to duplicate it on paper.

  4. I love the soft tones, the blue is perfect with the naturals, you try new things, and it always works for you. Love this look, Your, Mary
    It is still sunny!!!!

  5. Very cool, Janet... this looks like "new territory" for you a little bit, and you do it just as well as the "bright stuff". It's definitely a mood thing for me. Both bright and neutral have their appeal.

  6. I love bright but when I saw this work I too! I guess youre just very talented Janet and no matter what you do it alwasy shows thru!

    I love that subtle spread!

  7. Wonderful! That quote is so true.

    I tend to work with bright colors, but I really like the subtle colors for journal pages. They tend not to overwhelm the text, which can be just as important as the art. :)

  8. I love this page Janet! beautiful colours.... I love subdued and earthy tones over bright colours... but love to see bright colours in other peoples work, just don't usually use them in my own.

  9. Beautiful Janet! I specially love those pale drips... I like both. First I painted super bright today, and after I went for complete neutral... It's interesting seeing your art in neutral. Lovely!

  10. Beautiful work,and I spot at least two faces. Left page the main "balloon" that's a face to me. Right page on top right there is a face a bit angled.
    I prefer bright colours but at several occations I find myself using the soft ones so perhaps I like them both.

  11. I must go with the majority here...
    I love ALL colors, but I think what one chooses at any given time depends a lot on their mood.So much of our world around us affects us, if it is cold, gray, and dreary outside, well that makes me want to stay in bed with a good book and a pot of tea.
    Love these new pages.

  12. Hi Janet, while I love bright colours, I find I'm happier and more relaxed with subdued colours. I guess I'll leave the vivid shades to Nature.

  13. You make it all look so simpleQ Love the muted colors.

  14. I really like the result of your new experience ... those earth tones express much feeling, are left to manage.
    Congratulations this fantastic and very natural and spontaneous.
    Have a good week!!

  15. Very jealous - I want to take this class - but unil hen, I am so happy to live vicariously through you. Love the drippies!

  16. Hi Janet...I love the change of pace...very cool direction! Great spread!!! You can do both bright or neutral, whatever mood you are in at the time...hmmmmm, another class :)

  17. Janet - I love this spread so much!! I try hard to get out of my comfort zone by using bright colors and you are just the opposite - Great job at acting natural!

  18. Nice pages, Janet! I love how you added the stencils...totally your own! We've got lots of talk on this lesson alone in the network today..I think last time I looked there are 61 comments already! Hope to see more of your work from class.

  19. I am a bright bold color fan as you know. These definitely convey a different mood. I too like to try different things. So you are taking a class from Julie again, Ok Janet How many classes are you in? Just kidding because I am as bad as you in this.

    Have a great Day,


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