Friday, March 09, 2012

Don't Cry Over Spilled Water...

Did you ever start out your morning feeling really great about everything and then have it turn into a disaster?? That's what happened to me today. It's a gorgeous spring-like day and I woke up to birds singing, blue skies and sunshine. Got my big glass of ice water and headed to the studio. And that's when it happened...I spilled the entire glass of water on my worktable!

The picture above is what it looked like after it got wet.

And here it is now after I replaced that big center section of brown paper. Oh, well, the wet paper will dry and then I can use it as a beginning for something else. I never throw away the brown paper from my worktable. It gets incorporated into my art somehow.

I've been doing a little bit of painting. I have these two pictures started but lots more to do on them...

And that's what's been happening here...not much at all! With the weekend here I hope to find time to finish these paintings and work on some other WIPs that I have. Wish me luck!!

PS - I forgot to tell you...the header is only temporary. I used to make my headers using Picture It but my new computer with Windows 7 won't work with Picture It so I have to learn how to make headers in some other program...big learning curve for me!


  1. Oh, Janet! I can imagine your frustration! I am glad that it spilled on brown paper, and not one of your art journals.... That would have been a disaster! I actually like the clean look of your banner, but if you would like some help with it, don't hesitate to ask. You are on a good start with the faces - I hope you have time to work on them. Happy weekend!

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  3. Your paintings looks interesting as always. I'm sure they will end up as eyecatchers. I especially like all the colours in the background.

  4. try picasa, it's free online program. i did my header there. have a great weekend.

  5. Love the chartreuse/red/torquoise background on the second picture. It really pops.

  6. hey have a great weekend, to bad about the water, but who knows it might look different with water marks. Loving the work in progress.


  7. What is the saying ... don't cry over spilled milk .. wonder what milk would look like on the brown paper?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love looking at your ladies and watching your process.

  8. Love that you reuse your background paper on other projects - one of the first posts I ever read of yours showed your painty, misted stencil!

  9. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I have no idea how to make a "header," which is why mine is so plain.
    And for your work space, that's a great way for your desk to communicate to you that it needs a bath. ;-D

  10. I love this painting in progress!! :]
    Can not wait to see the finished piece.
    (sigh) I've had that same thing happen to me countless times, water, paint, or glue spill everywhere... what a mess. The good news is, your no alone on this subject! L0L
    Glad you got it under control. Great idea about using the paper as an added element to your art, smart cookie.
    Take care, Janet. ((hugs))

  11. I've had more spills than I can count (most are knocked-over paint brush jars courtesy of the devil kitty, but I admit to needing to incorporate wine and coffee drips into my "design" on more than one occasion!).

  12. Yes that brown background paper will be awesome somewhere in your art. Janet I have not figured out much with my windows 7. Usually I don't have much time to play with it either. Oh well. Still having fun!!!

  13. I really like the header...
    and SPILLS, that's what I do best.
    At least it was just water. Good way to get a clean work space.
    Can't wait to see the finished faces.

  14. Oh no, Mr Bill!! Spilled water! Not to worry. Janet to the rescue. Your header is nice but why dont you just use your own art? It's nicer. New paintings starting out wild and wonderful! xoxoxo

  15. Disasters -- we've all had 'em. Sometimes the end game ends up being better (or at least interesting). But I just hate wasting the supplies!


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