Friday, March 30, 2012

It Was a Taxing Day...

Things are not going as planned! Yesterday was a disaster in so many ways. It started off great...HB and I had our yearly appointment with our accountant to do our taxes and that went better than we expected. We were all smiles when we left the office.

When I got home I decided that since my Paint Shop Pro 9 wouldn't "play nice" with Windows 7 that I'd just install the Photoshop Elements disc and begin there. The program came with my Bamboo tablet that I bought a couple of years ago. When I tried to upload the program it asked me for my serial number which is apparently printed on the sleeve the disc came in. No problem, right? Wrong! I have either misplaced or thrown out the sleeves and stored the discs in jewel cases. No sleeve, no serial number, no program installed...back to ZERO.

Then I decided to bake a dessert for dinner since I had a sparkling clean oven...I ran the self-cleaning program while we were at the accountant's office. Clean oven, baked dessert...what could go wrong?

It bubbled out all over the bottom of the oven. And not just a little bit either. There's brown sugary stuff dripped everywhere. It was a recipe I had never tried before and I'll never try it again! After all that I just gave up on the day and watched mindless drivel on TV all evening!

So for this progress report I'd have to give myself a failing grade! But I haven't given up yet. I'm going to try Gimp next. Hopefully that one will work for me.


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Oh dear! What a day! Hope your evening picks up and tomorrow is a better day!

    (I usually keep a piece of tinfoil at the bottom of the oven to catch spills)

  2. A good night sleep is all it takes to shake off the bad day and turn it into a good one!!Wishing you a great weekend!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. moral of the story - don't clean your oven :) works for me!
    hope tomorrow's a better day.

  4. things are always better tomorrow. what would we do without self cleaning ovens. have a great weekend.

  5. Anonymous5:47 PM

    well at least you left the accountant smiling, we didn't :(, so sad to have a clean oven dirtied up again, that hurts but at least you didn't have to clean it old school with the scrubbies and stinky spray, I do!I hope tomorrow is better!

  6. Oh Janet, sorry to hear about all the mishaps. At least tje accountant didn't give you bad news. Its rainy and cool and I don't feel like doing anything. Tomorrow is
    another day.


  7. Some days Janet it just doesn't pay to get out of bed does it.

  8. Those days are best to forget at once. I'm sure you will find a fresh and interesting day tomorrow. (well, today that is)
    I really do hope you're the lucky winner of the huge lottery over there. Good luck!!

  9. If there were never any storms in life how would we appriciate the
    Sunny days? and I imagine that desert was YUMMY,hang in there, you can do this.

  10. Oh Janet...I've had those days too!! Just when I think Murphy has vacated the premises!! Good for you to keep your chin up!! Possibly you will laugh about the dessert in a day or two!! Cuz it is kinda funny :D All the best twinster :D

  11. It sounds like the good news about taxes is intact, at least! :-) Good luck getting that oven cleaned out; that's a task and a half!

  12. Ugh. Just give the computer stuff a rest till Mercury goes direct in another week or two! I feel your pain on the oven. I'm having a house sitter and I don't have a self-cleaning oven, but feel somewhat compelled to not look like the total slob I am! At least you can self-clean again!

  13. congrats on your taxes and boo hoo for your oven! ugh, i attacked my shower today.

  14. At least the day wasn't all bad.
    Having smiles after taxes are done is awesome.I'm with Sherrie about keeping aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven. :-)

  15. Hi Janet...I've been doing yard work=No art=No visiting blogs either. I am fairly caught up least with yard work.
    Last time I cleaned my oven...I swear something appeared in the bottom after a few days...just appeared out of thin air, it seemed.
    We smiled when we left our tax office a few weeks ago :)
    I hope you get your photo shop figured out...they sure don't make it easy for us.

  16. Oh, Janet!
    So sorry to hear about the dessert.
    Yes, trying a new recipe can be tricky... don't be hard on yourself, tomorrow is a new day!! ((hugs))
    Just a thought, is there a 800 # to call on the Bamboo for tech support??
    Maybe they could walk you through this...

  17. Janet, you're a hoot! Your stories always brighten my day. Maybe not yours, but they do mine! LOL Big Hugs!

  18. Yuck! What a day! Poor you xx

  19. It is one thing or another sometimes...It seems like everything is just out of control. I hope the desert was yummie!!!!!
    Love, Mary
    Nurse Red still on duty!!!!!

  20. Wow, your life sounds a littlelike mine as of late, lol! I can't tell you how many times I've done the serial number thing or the messed up stove for that matter! I felt so bad for you and I laughed along with sympathy... Sometimes it's comforting to remind myself that these things don't just happen to me! Thanks for sharing.

    Here's to smoother times and warmer sunny weather!

    Jessi xox

  21. put a cooky sheet under it!
    thats what I try to remember.... especially come blueberry pie season :)

  22. Tehe. If we didn't have days like this, the good ones wouldn't be so good! I'm sorry, but I'm still giggling. (oooopsy)


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