Friday, March 02, 2012

No Art...Just Supplies

A couple of days ago Zorana did a post about all her paint brushes...and she had a lot! So since I don't have much art I can show you right now, I thought I'd share my brushes with you.

My brushes are all stored in recycled cans and I have them sorted into size and shape. I like to keep all my angled brushes together and separate from the others. There's a big can that holds all my big brushes...ones I use for backgrounds, brushing off a painting, etc. And then there's a can filled with flat brushes and another one with round brushes.

I'm terrible about taking care of my brushes! I am constantly leaving them in water or just plain leaving them on the worktable. When that happens I put them into a jar with a small chunk of Ivory soap and warm water. Brushes that have dried out will usually come back after this treatment. You may have to leave them in the solution for a day or so but I've had good luck with this. I learned about this treatment during a class I took from Wyanne.

Here are some other tools I like using....

These are a bunch of dowels I bought and had HB cut down to about 5" lengths. They are great for painting dots of different sizes. I also use old paintbrush handles and some skewers that I broke in half and sanded down. You know I like dots!!

And here are some of those faces from the other day. I still haven't finished them but they're now on some backgrounds and I've added the outlines for hair.

One of these days I'll actually finish the faces, the backgrounds and the hair and be able to show you something completed! But don't hold your breath! Lately I'm not moving too fast in the studio.