Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks...

photo from Google Images

I've put it off for as long as I can! I have PaintShopPro9 and Photo Elements plus a Bamboo tablet and can't use any of them because I don't understand them. So I have to get serious about learning to use these programs. And I also need to learn how to take videos and get them into a manageable size to use online or to burn to DVDs. I have Windows MovieMaker so that's another program I'll be learning to use.

All of these programs are like gobble-dee-gook to me! I don't understand any of them. I have Dummies books for some of them but even they don't make sense to me. It's like trying to read Greek. I wish they came with a dictionary of all the terms they use.

So in order to make sense of it all, I've decided to completely immerse myself in these programs over the next month or so (however long it takes me to "get" it) and that means not so much art. After all these years, I'm going back to school in a way. I plan to read the books cover to cover and try all the things so I can finally make headers, manipulate my art, and do all the fun things everyone else seems to be doing.

I'll probably only be posting to my blog once a week. If I've made any progress I'll share that with you and maybe even ask a few questions that hopefully someone will be able to answer.

You may not see me around quite so much but I'll try to check in with all of you when I can. And I'll always read and answer emails. If anyone has any tips on easy ways to learn these programs I'd love to hear them. (I already know about YouTube video tutorials but many times they aren't all that helpful. If the tutorial is not using the same version of everything that I have then it doesn't help.) Just remember that I know absolutely nothing about these programs. I'm at the stage where I can open the program and that's about all. Anything from there is a mystery to me! I definitely qualify as a dummy in these areas.

Wish me luck and I hope to have lots of surprises for you when I come back. One of which will be a new blog where I'm going to be selling prints of my art plus some of the originals, too.

I hope you won't give up on me while I'm learning these new things.
NOTE: I've already run into a problem!! Apparently PaintShopPro 9 doesn't play nicely with Windows 7!!!


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I could do with learning some of those too! No idea how to use them. I wish you all the best in learning them, hun. See you back here when you're "done".

  2. Oh I do wish you luck. I thought I was reading something I wrote. LOL It is all French to me too. Let me know how you are doing. I shall pray for you. :-)

  3. I'm going to check out adult education classes this summer and fall. I'll probably look at YouTube to break the ice, but there's nothing like taking a class. I'd bet there is something like that on your area, Janet.

  4. I am in the same boat..I have photoshop and tablet and can not understand them..I need to take a class..I can not read and do I need a real person to show me and then I have to do it after they show me..I am a computer dummy and the books do not help me either.
    WE ALL Need to get out of the boat and learn..I think You have just challenged me.. Thank you.

  5. I have Photoshop too. Terrified of beginning to learn it, because I know it will frustrate me to no end.

  6. I took online Photoshop Elements classes from www.jessicasprague.com and they were invaluable in making me feel more comfortable with that program. Any class that you take will always be available for you to review later - you might want to check it out. . .

  7. good luck on that....i have photoshop elements, and I watch on line videos and then try it, then I have a couple of good books on them, bu sometimes its all french to me

  8. Good luck my dear friend you are braver than I am.I'm still battling my way through the instructions for my new camera.

  9. I not only taught myself photoshop CS5, but I also taught myself Final Cut. Both of them made me want to kill myself...but now I am proficient and fast with them. Learning them myself and not from a class was the best, because I figured out my needs so I remembered them. I highly recommend you hammer through them ourself. Upgrade to the current models and google if you need help. Once ou learn what the buttons are for, it will start to make sense and you will get faster and faster each time you practice.

  10. good luck with it all janet--- its gobbledegook to me mostly and I only pick things up after poor patient dh has explained it to me for the 500th time! will be here waiting for when you do post in and give us an update!

  11. I'll be over here cheering you on from the sidelines!

  12. Believe me you are braver than I am! I'm just scared of trying to learn all that "new" stuff!

    I will be more than happy to cheer you on...

  13. Janet,

    Kudos for you. Ok I think Paint shop Pro and Photoshop elements are similar programs and since there is an issue with WIndows and PSP I would set that one aside for now.

    I have used windows movie maker and I think the easiest thing to do is make yourself a short movie just a couple minutes and use that as a trial.

    I have photoshop elements but don't know it very well. I know just enough to do a little photo editing and a little bit on layers so I won't be too much help.

    Here is one thing I have learned, often these programs help sections don't help very much. Sometimes I will google the question instead and often someone else has the answer or a tutorial of their own.

    Now don't stay in school too long be sure take breaks because too much frustration is not good .


  14. I have some of those dummies books as well. It seems I am such a dummy they make no sense to me either. I think the problem is they assume I know something, when in fact I don't really know anything!
    If you crack the code let me know, meanwhile I will continue to use my camera on the automatic and easy settings!
    hugs ♥♥

  15. You're really a brave one. I wish you all of luck. All of this is like unclimbable mountains to me, mostly because I hate reading instructions with all those elo ssp erdd and so on. One should think it was possible to write plane and understandable. I'll be here following your efforts.

  16. Good for you, Janet, and much luck with your studies. I have little patience to learn technical things, though there are so many areas that I could use to improve my photography and my blog. I hope you are able to reach your goals!

  17. Hi Janet...it sounds like a great plan...I hope you unlock the mysteries of those programs. I have photoshop (I think it is) and don't use it. Good luck!!!

  18. I learned by making tons of mistakes and some frustrations but then once i got s hung of a few then i got it, spend some more hours and finally i got addicted to the pretty changes. All i want to donow is play altering images LOL
    Soooo play and practice
    Save one version and then the other ones is the practice dont worry too much and go try to have fun
    Who said beginnkngs are easy?

  19. I should do the same...I was so happy with Picture it, and over time I did what I wanted. But the new computer doesn't work with a lot of programs and this is hard, you spend the money for these things. Anyway, I have Photoshop and like you, I am just trying to learn what things mean. I think Kate could be right, google the words and see if it helps. I may join you in the next few weeks, I will make so many mistakes, but that is how I have to learn it. I miss having away to put pictures into pictures. I miss Pricture it with a passion. Happy Spring, your Mary

  20. Nope, I'll never give up on you. Its good to learn new things. I took classes at community college in this and that my whole life, well, my afterlife, and it was always a confidence builder to learn something new. I even took a class once in Mountaineering and learned to rappel. Loved it! Good luck Janet. As Tony L. says "You can do it". ;)

  21. I am so bad with the computer. Part of it is laziness, so i really appreciate your commitment to this! Good luck!

  22. WOW!!
    Good for you, Janet.
    You are very brave to take on all this at once, love your determination! ((hugs))
    I just know you will come out ahead... best of luck always.
    I am not too familiar with windows 7, I use a Mac. Sorry I wasn't very helpful to you on this subject.
    Thank you, once again... for shipping out my print with love and care. The art print is everything I thought "Louise " would be. Fantastic work Janet <3


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