Friday, March 16, 2012

Trade Pieces and Some Tweaks...

Now that both Lee and TJ have received their packages,
I can show you what I did for the trade.

The one above is what I sent to Lee...

and this is the one I sent to TJ.

I did these on small hardback book covers. I don't remember for sure but I think I added a layer of old book pages first, then some modeling paste and gesso. I scratched some simple designs in the modeling paste and when that was dry added some color. The leaves are patterned paper with stamping over that. A few dots and some doodling here and there and that was it.

Yesterday I tweaked a couple of faces I've shown you may not see a huge difference but in person they look better than before...

I just keep adding layers and trying different things. The right side of her forehead is still too dark...more layers needed!  Maybe one of these days (years!) it will become easier for me. I hope so! I see some artists turn out new faces each day while it takes me several days to get just one.

This weekend we're going to have cold, windy, rainy weather so I plan to stay in the studio and paint. I hope I have something new to show you soon.