Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Still Learning...

Over the weekend I watched the latest lesson videos from LifeBook over at Willowing (there's a link over on the side panel)...the lesson was by Jane DesRosier. She is an artist I've long admired. In fact it was her art that inspired me to do Calypso.

Jane does an under painting before she does the color and so I've started my latest painting using that technique. Remember this is only the under painting...only the beginning.

I like how this face looks so far. Now if I can just get the color to look good I'll be happy.


  1. She looks great! I took Gritty Jane's portrait class as my first portrait class - it was really good - but too advanced for where I was (maybe still to advanced!) and I really love her work.

  2. I love the collagy look and her hair!

  3. I love the girl and the colour she is... wow janet... your art just keeps getting better and better and I neve know whats waiting for me when I log into your blog! loving it!

  4. Janet,

    This is looking great! I can't wait to see it finished. I am loving Jane's lesson too!.


  5. I'm looking forward to seeing her finished, too. Love it!

  6. This painting is great, thank you for sharing the process! :]
    Great job... love the "under painting" technique.
    Really looks like you are enjoying yourself!!


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