Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monica...Two Ways

Yesterday I painted most of the afternoon. I got out early to mail Emily to my friend and then came back to the studio and got busy.

First I painted this long-necked girl and named her Monica.

Then I painted a shorter necked version.
I like them both. Do you have a favorite?

These are both painted on 6" x 6" wood plaques that I found at the dollar store. They had some picture on them but I sanded it off and added my own background of scrap papers, paint, and ink before painting the faces.


  1. It looks like you have been having fun in the studio. I wish that I felt better. My stomach is not happy so I want to be painting but my whole heart is not in it.


  2. They are both wonderful Janet...but if I had to choose... the long neck one. I like things a little on the quirkier side.

    I love your idea about buying wooden plaques to paint on...simply brilliant. I am going to do that too. I go to the Good Will store all the time to buy stuffed animals for my dog. I can't afford dog toys because he goes through them too fast.

    Hope you have a great Tuesday!

  3. Both are beautiful! I think I like the long necked one just marginally more, it is that lovely green you have used as a shade on the neck. The colours in both of these are gorgeous

  4. Janet, they are both beautiful but no doubt the long necked Monica is my favorite. The background is magic too with just hints of colour. If this one is not a masterpiece, it's pretty close.
    Continue playing, you're so good at it.

  5. Hummm..I can not decide..I like them both..Which one do you want to send to AL? LOL.

  6. I like both of them, but Monica of the Long Neck is my favorite.

  7. The long necked Monica is my choice as well Janet.

  8. Both Pretty Janet, but I love the long neck positioning on the page!! Monica has something to say to you I think!!

    Have a good day!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. love love both versions, but i like long necked girls, you have the touch when it comes to these girls.

  10. Hi Janet...I like long necks faces on both are soooo adorable. I really really like their eyes!

  11. It is hard because I really like Monica in both pictures, but my favorite is the long neck. I guess it's the whimzy in me.
    We are having a nice warm day..but weather is on its way...Thats Idaho!!!! Love, Mary
    My tulips are up!!!!!!!!

  12. shawn6:55 PM

    Both are great! I like the long necked one too- adds a lot of interest. Great job!

  13. These are wonderful, Janet!
    Adore them both, but for some reason I am drawn more to the first painting, Monica.
    Thank you for sharing your talents.

  14. "Monica" is gorgeous!! I too seem to be drawn to the long-necked version but they are both beautiful - love your use of color (turquoise shading - fantastic!) and the texture in your backgrounds!! - She looks french to me and I'd like to have coffee and croissants with her.

  15. Well I gotta stick with the crowd, I like the first one best because you can seee so much background and it is different. Both versions are really good. Looks like the creativity is flowing......

  16. Hi Janet, I like them both a lot. They are so expressive and
    charming. I am partial to the short neck Monica.
    Her eyes have a shimmering quality.
    They are both charming on their own and they make a great
    set too.

  17. they are both great, but i think the one with the tipped head has more expression.

  18. I like the first one imaginative!

  19. These pieces are great. You are really creating some amazing pieces, Janet. Great backgrounds! At first, I thought I liked the short-necked one better, but then I switched opinions to the longer-necked one. I think the bottom line is that I like them both!

  20. I like both of your Monica girls. They are super cute and gentle little souls. Love the colors you used to shade them!

  21. The long necked girl! LOL


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