Monday, April 23, 2012

The Poppy Festival...Fairly Boring!

First of all, I must apologize for being very late answering your comments and emails over the past few days. The temperatures were in the 90's for a couple of days and when that happens my energy level goes way down.

The Poppy Festival was over the weekend and it was very hot both days. HB and I got up early on Saturday and headed over to the festival.

You might be able to see how dry the soil is around those flowers. I'm sure by late afternoon they were really dry and limp! I know I was! I wasn't able to get many photos at the festival. Everywhere I looked there were signs saying "No photos"...not sure why because the so-called crafts section was mostly nothing but imported junk! I was sadly disappointed in it. I only saw a small handful of tiny booths that were actually handmade items by the person manning the booth. The same thing has happened to our local Fall Festival. The one good thing about the Poppy Festival as opposed to our Fall Festival is that they have lots of shade and places to sit down...

There were quite a few people but I'm sure later in the day there were even more. During the afternoon and evening they had lots of entertainment but we didn't stay that long. We walked around for a few hours and decided to call it a day. One other good thing they have is a tram to take you from the parking area to the actual festival...

We were lucky enough to park right across from the tram stop.
Just look at that cloudless, blue sky.
It was about 94ยบ!!

 I did get one photo of a piece of art I thought was interesting...
click picture to view larger

This was in an area advertising local art lessons. I took a flyer because they offer beginning Photoshop lessons. I'm going to check into those, for sure.

We didn't buy anything except a couple of bottles of water. I didn't see anything that interested art, no actual crafts, nothing to catch my eye. Very disappointing, over all.

 In the studio, I've started another painting. 
This one is 9" x 9"...much smaller than Georgia.

And I've discovered a way to "see" shadows
 and highlights on the face...

I brought out my head mannequin and put her to work!

I can adjust the lighting and now I can see how it falls on her face. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner! She used to sit on my "clean" table but then I moved her out and put her in a closet. The other day I was trying to figure out how light would fall on a face when I had a lightbulb moment and thought of Hedy! Now she's back in the studio and I'm sure she'll be working full-time.


  1. It's good for Hedy to have a job! Beautiful weather here and I'm enjoying it. Had lunch sitting outside. What a treat! t won't be long before I'm complaining about the heat and humidity!

  2. Fantastic... such a wonderful idea, Janet!
    THe "mannequin" gives you a more realistic form to work with. :]
    Love the red background color too, will that be staying?
    Sometimes I never know... I tend to run with my artwork, how about you?
    The photos are great, thanks for sharing.
    Yes, It was a hot weekend here in California.
    Today, it is 60 degrees and drizzling... (sigh) CRAZY WEATHER!!

  3. Wow it looks like you have summer already. Here are still cold. Your new painting looks like coming nicely into beeing. Can't wait to see the result. I just love your new companion, good to put them to work after a time in the closet. Very good idea!

  4. Too bad about the festival. What would they do to you if you took photos and it said not to? That heat sucks...not for me either... Not looking forward to that this year!!
    As for Hedy, marvelous idea!! I already love your new painting..that red is so vibrant and the face is excellent....can't wait to see the rest! Have an artful week!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I clicked on the photo of the art to see what it is made of???cannot tell. It is a shame more people do not set up with crafts. Good idea about Hedy, will be watching to see how the painting goes.

  6. Anonymous1:37 PM

    What a shame about the festival. On the plus side, your new painting looks like it's coming around verey well and clever you for thinking to use the manequin!

  7. Hedy is very cool!! She will be a great help to you!
    We used to live near Winter Park, FL and they had an annual juried art festival. I always went since it was across the street from my office but wasn't into art so much then. NOW I'd love to go - seems like in FL there were art/craft festivals nearly every weekend somewhere within a couple hours driving time. Here in KY there is a definite dearth of things like that and the few there are are also full of imported junk. sigh. . . good thing I have the Internet to enjoy looking at people's art like yours!

  8. Wow so hot already! We've had super warm days too but today it was only 50 something and very damp. We needed the rain though.
    I hate when I go to an art festival and nothing appeals to me.
    You just have to make your own. I love the shadow of the reasons I'm so initmidated to draw faces! Thanks for writing on my blog gf! Stomach troubles run in my family. This too shall pass...:)

  9. What a great strategy for contributing even more realism to your portraits...great thinking!!

  10. That is such a wonderful idea, wish i had a head to do the same thing. Every time I took formal art classes I had problems seeing the shadows. You've got a great tool there.


  11. I have a Hedy to except she is made of strofoam, but I will bring her out and try out your method. Loved the tour of the festival

  12. loved the tour of the festival too, and that sky looks just like ours in summer! hmm... not wishing for summer yet here a bit over the heat! How come there were no red poppies? or where there and I cant see them?

  13. Oh my gosh!! That IS brilliant! To use a mannequin and to see how the light falls depending upon where you put it!? YES, brilliant for sure!! Now I need to find a doll head - hmmm.
    Thank your for your PPF comments and I am loving the new piece started in red! Should be a powerful one, xoxo

  14. Painting with a mannequin is such a great the red you have going there too.

  15.'s hot there and the weather is getting cooler here. I hate festivals or markets that tend to sell imported junk (mostly from China)...I miss the homely, handmade markets.

    I agree, that is an interesting piece of art.

    I love how your studio piece is coming along...looking forward to the finish.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ xo


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