Saturday, April 14, 2012

Storms, Prep Work and Play Time...

Yesterday we had lots of rain and even thunder and lightening. We don't usually have much thunder with our storms so it was a bit unusual. I had my computer turned off for most of the day so that's why you didn't see me around Blogland.

I spent part of the day doing this...

So later I could do this...

Prep work seems to take so much time and usually I just want to jump right in and paint. These all have book pages on them and three of them also have old sewing pattern paper, too. Not sure what's going to happen with them but they're ready and waiting for me. The two tall ones are canvases and the other four are all plaques from the dollar store. Gotta love that place!

Last night I played around on a photo editing site called picmonkey. I had so much fun messing with my pictures. Here's what I did...

This older painting...(before)

became this after I used a technique on it
and gave it a frame.

I also played around with this one...

She now has some faint writing across her face. 
I think it adds another layer to her. 
What do you think?

Then I gave her some cracked and peeling paint.
I played with several of my paintings on this site.
Some of the techniques will not be free after the trial period
but that's okay. I had fun playing with them now.

Today I think I'll pick one of those prepped pieces and get busy. I hope wherever you are that you have a fun day, too. 


  1. sometimes the no brainer prep work can be meditative.

    i like what you did with peeling paint and crackle. it really gives your painting another dimension. i assume this is a program you have to buy eventually. i use picassa, it's free but i don't think i can do what you did. i'll have to look further.

  2. I've used picmonkey for frames and text but I need to go play around some more. I love your art and this adds even more technique!

  3. The cracked paint gave her way more dimension!! How fun is this!!Nice idea!Gives them even more interest!!
    Enjoy painting the canvases!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. This looks like fun, all those pieces primed for work. How cool is that. Loved the playing you did with your images too. I need to stay away from software like that. Too tempting right now.Maybe at another time.

  5. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I'm with Cynthia. Sometimes prep work can be really soothing and meditative. I often find that it's when I'm doing work like that and let my mind wander that I come up with some of the best ideas for art pices.

    Love the effects you created using the editing program too. It's fun trying new stuff.

  6. I think you got some great results. and I'll have to check out that site - thanks for passing on the info. I'll be missing Picnic now that they are closing!

  7. play time = the best time! love what you did with yours Janet!

  8. ps wish we had a storm here I love thunder and lightning!

  9. I wish I could reach out and grab one of your canvases. Made me so ready for making art. :-)
    Good idea to tear up some papers.
    Your paintings looks cool after your play!

  10. Oh my gosh! I am afraid to check that site out! I can tell it could be addicting! I AM LOVING the addition of crackle. Okay, going . . . ;0 xoxo

  11. You are just having too much fun girlie! Now that prep's the reason I don't do much art journaling. I don't find it meditative. I want to hurry through it so I can get to the painting or collaging part. Oh well, I guess that's why I'm not rich and famous, hmmmmmm? No patience. I envy yours! BTW, I thought it "never rains in Southern California!"

  12. That's a whole lotta cutting! But, it's well worth it. Love the outcome! And I love the technique on the last picture! Too cool!

  13. I am lov'in all of this, Janet.
    So fun to see an artist at work, thank you for sharing! :]


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