Friday, May 18, 2012

AMGEN Bike Tour - Stage Six

Today I have something completely different for you....and there are LOTS of pictures. There hasn't been much art done at Chez Random but there was excitement in the neighborhood as the Amgen Bike Tour came to town for stage six of the tour.

The starting point was only about a block from where we live so HB and I walked down to check it out this morning. Luckily we are having spectacular weather and it isn't too hot...probably only in the low 70's when the race began, but we do have some fairly strong wind which could be a factor.

(click on pictures to view larger)
We were able to get very close to the starting area.

Before too long there was a constant stream of huge
motorhomes and other vehicles
 pouring into the parking area.
The parking area filled up fast.

A local high school color guard
practiced right in front of where we were.

Posing for photos.

Getting ready...

Gotta love the confidence...

Once they got going...

they whizzed by...

in just a couple of minutes!

They will ride 115 miles today! And they'll be going from high desert to mountains. They'll end at Big Bear Lake sometime about 3:50 PM...they left Palmdale this morning at about 10:25. That's a lot of bike riding!! (PS - Jeanie, I took all these photos for your Rick! I thought he might recognize some of the guys.)


  1. What a gorgeous day Janet and you got to see all those hunky guys as well.
    Who's a lucky girl then.

  2. gotta love a man in spandex, sounds like you had a great day

  3. I am so envious! I sent the link to Rick and later we will try to ID the bikers you had close-ups of, although sometimes that's kind of hard! I would LOVE to do something like that (watch it) -- an Rick would love to be riding! Thanks for sending me the info -- the way things are, I'm not sure I would have popped in as soon.

    And thanks, too, for your comments on Gypsy -- yes, you know what it's like to be owned by the cat and this house is terribly empty. I'm glad I've been able to share him with blog world.

  4. Wow! Imagine riding in the desert all those miles. Love Lee's comment.

  5. Did it inspire you to get on a bike and pedal away? lol Pretty hot looking little bike riders....just
    Hope you enjoyed!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Oh WOW! That's awesome! And yes, love the confidence with those outfits!
    We must live kinda close - Big Bear is 2 hours from me - we live near Palm Desert!
    Happy Sunday, xoxo!

  7. Super fun!!! :]
    A Bike Tour is incredible to participate in.
    Love the weather... thank you for sharing these photos.

  8. 115 miles do ya think all that spandex will hold up...LOL You do live an exciting life Janet.

  9. How cool! I would Love to watch a bike tour like that. It did make me think of Jeanie's Rick.

  10. These photos are great. The sky is so blue..what fun!!! We have a lot of bike racing here too.
    Since I know where this is taking place, that is one heck of a climb. Arney and I used to go to Arrowhead for frozen bannas and camping...from Orange county. Oh to be young again...We then took our kids to Santa's Village. I love that your daughter is near you again. This makes me want to get out my bike!!! Love, Mary

  11. I joined the fee Image Artistry, and you are doing it too. I am such a goober, I will have to look at the instuctions over and over. And one of my problems with Photo shop is the words are so small.
    But if I am ever going to do some of the things I enjoy, I gotta learn this. Hugs, Mary

  12. oh how interesting. i can't imagine taking off on a bicycle in that mob of riders.

  13. Now, there's a new source of artistic inspiration for you! :-)

  14. Great photos! Very colorful! Did you notice that one guy is dressed in polka dots? I hope he did well in the race :-)

  15. What an exciting day it would have been! Loved the pics!

    Have a lovely weekend...sorry I haven't been by to visit lately, I've had a fair bit on my plate and haven't even had a chance to post to my blog. xo


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