Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blown Away By Generosity...

Blogland is so amazing. I have met people from all over the world. Sometimes we trade little bits of art back and forth...and once in a while someone will just blow me away with their creativeness and their generosity. It happened to me yesterday. I met Laila about a year ago. If you don't already know her you owe it to yourself to pay her a visit and browse through her blog. Take some time to go back through her older posts. You won't be sorry.

She does it all...drawing and painting, sewing, embroidery, knitting and crochet, name it and Laila probably does it. And she does it all so well. Her mandalas are gorgeous...and she never just tries something easy. No, Laila jumps right in and tackles the difficult stuff. Recently she asked if I'd be up for a trade and I said yes as long as she didn't hold me to a tight deadline. You all know how terrible I am about deadlines! Many of you have first-hand experience of it! We agreed to do something small. Yesterday the package arrived from Norway. It was special even on the outside...

The entire envelope was hand painted in this all-over design. I sat and held it and looked at it for several minutes before I opened it because I just loved the leaf design so much...and it was done in my favorite color! Then I opened the envelope to discover this wonderful hand-painted card...

Laila has been doing a series of these doll paintings. Isn't it great! I would have been happy with this painting as the trade but there was more.

She included some bits of paper for me to use plus some book pages from Norway which are so cool...and this yummy tissue wrapped package. When I finally tore away the paper I was stunned. I couldn't even think for a moment because what Laila sent to me is so incredibly gorgeous...

This wall hanging is done in three parts to show the different times of a day.

I left these last three photos fairly large so be sure to click on them to see the beautiful detail in each one of these sections.

To think that Laila spent this much time and effort to make something this special for me is beyond my expectations. I wish you could see it in person so be able to appreciate the quality of her work.

Needless to say I love it and it will hang in a place of honor where everyone will be able to see it. Thank you, Laila!

Now what on earth can I do to compare to this???!!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I do love MAIL CALL!!!!!

  2. What more can I say except WOW.

  3. Pretty amazing, Janet. Are people wonderful? Expect good and it will come.

  4. Gorgeous wall hanging...I would have stared at that envelope in awe too! So beautiful! She holds you in high esteem, just be yourself and I'm sure she will appreciate anything you share!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Oh my word. How breathtakingly beautiful and generous. What a wonderful package to receive!

  6. oh wow! that is stunning. i love other artists.

  7. wow it is beautiful, ok where will you hang it

  8. It is so wonderful to get mail, I mean out of the mail box...but this goes way beyond the normal. Laila must be one sweet lady. A day for smiles. I love the package to, it is so you. It's all so good.
    Hugs, Mary

  9. What lovely work she does. That is one kind of mail call I would love. Thanks for visiting me. I am on the mend so to speak...

  10. Wow, what fantastic things she makes. Off to visit her now!

  11. I just came from Laila's blog...very gifted lady. I am in love with her beautiful wall art, did she do the words by hand?
    Amazing! And she also gardens,she
    shared some really beautiful flower pictures.

  12. What generosity indeed. Everything is beautiful, I have to say though, that wallhanging is one of the loveliest things I've ever seen. Love the stitching.

  13. Oh, Janet, how lovely -- and what fun!

  14. Wow Janet that package was amazing. You are one lucky girl..

  15. Love that wall hanging!!! I'm sure whatever you send in return will be made with the same generosity of spirit, and care.

  16. WOWZER! That is so amazing - so different, so beautiful - and you're right, so generous! Congratulations on your new gift, xoxo

  17. Dear Janet,
    thank you for all your kind words. I read your post and think wow, she must be a clever person.
    Way much harder to really REALLY understand that it's all about me.
    And all these lovely comments too, it's nothing less than overwhelming.

    Janet, you're so worth that wall hanging and the fact that you did like it pleases me. I'm sure I will love your gift too.

    I saw a question about the lettering, no it's not done by hand. I have this clever sewingmashine.....

    To your bloging friends: Thank you for all your kind words and for visiting my site. I appreciate each one of you.

    Janet, once again, a big heartfelt THANK YOU!!

  18. What an exciting package! Her wall-hanging will be an awesome addition to your's really quite stunning!

  19. Wow! What a special friend really should go to Norway and thank her in person! I will definitely check out her blog! Thanks for sharing :)


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