Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Journal Spread Re-visited...

I'm getting back into a groove with my art journal. The one I'm working in has only a couple of spreads left before it's completed plus a couple of spreads that are partially completed. I worked on one of those this morning. Do you remember this girl from back in March??
At the time Betzie suggested I change the eye color and I did. Thanks, Betzie! I knew there was something "off" about the girl but couldn't put my finger on it. Here's what she looks like now...
I changed her dress color, too.

and added some strips of wallpaper...
and a bit of washi tape...

I saved that spot on the upper right corner for some later journaling.
And I'll work on her collar a bit more...
for now she's semi-finished.

Now I'm off to see if I can keep this ball rolling. I'll try to finish another spread today. The weather is still very cool for this time of year. 


  1. She's come on really well! I love the changes you've made and the things you have added!

  2. The difference from warm to cool colours is quite significant. Thank you for sharing, xx

  3. Lovely, I liked her before but no girl will say no to a bit of a makeover lol turned out very nice, tfs xx

  4. She did change a lot with the eye color and the different blouse color. What a beautiful girl!

  5. I liked both versions, and I love her hair,

  6. How beautiful, Janet -- the soft blue is the best!

  7. She is awesome. Love watching the various processes you go through in your art. Amazing really.

  8. All things artsy are subjective but I find her more attractive after her makeover - Can't wait to see what journaling you add!

  9. She is beautiful Janet... and I love the new dress color on her too... a gorgeous journal page...

    Jenny x

  10. Janet your girl is nice. I love before and after, it's as if you had changed clothes and makeup. What I like is his hair reminds me of Medusa's hair
    Your girls are always pretty.

  11. janet - your hairstyle inventions are amazing ! how do you think of them??!! This one reminds me of ancient greek pics!

  12. Anonymous10:28 PM

    It must be a wonderful feeling when you complete one of these art journals. I have two and only have a few pages finished in each. ;)
    What a legacy we leave behind us when our loved ones cherish these for years to come.

  13. Like at how you did the hair here, looks really interesting.

  14. now.. I wonder why she has a lavender dress on? of course :)
    I love, love the wallpaper too xo

  15. Janet, what amazes me the most is your willingness to go back and actually DO the changes in your journal. That's so inspiring to see.
    Your girl is great but I liked the first version too.

    Today we have a cooler kind of weather, so I'm back in my studio. Feels good!

  16. I like your journal girl - love her hair and she has such a sweet expression on her face.
    It's been very cool here too, for this time of year. It was worrying me a little at first, then I decided to just enjoy it while I can ; ) .

  17. she's really different from your other ladies, softer, more dimension.

  18. I am glad you are back in your journal...I love all your girls.
    I was in the ER Friday night...blood in my pee, yep an infection. Saturday there was over 50 people here for Annabelle's Birthday party. I will share pictures when I have some. I really let everyone else do it. It turned out really nice. Last night Arney took a flight to California...he is in Norwalk. His 93 year old Mother is in ICU. So we just hope for the best. I am alone with my LB and Finley..we are resting...staying in P J's. Big Hugs, Mary

  19. WOW - that's really cool to see the before and after! I love the before, but I agree, the eye change did really make a difference. I would not have thought of that ;)
    AND I LOVE your pink page below too - good to see you arting in your journal, xoxo

  20. Beautiful pages, Janet! :]
    She looks fantastic, great color scheme.
    Down here, in Southern Cali. we have been warming up again... today's high 87.
    Take care ((hugs))


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