Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Re-Do of an Old Painting...

I'm getting back in the studio a little bit. My daughter started her new job yesterday (and seems to like it) so I had the day to myself. I had been thinking about re-doing one of my older paintings. It was one from back in 2009 when I first took Mystele's Gut Art class...one of the best classes I've ever taken, by the way. I never did like the face on the painting but just never took the time to change it. Here's the old version:
The eyes are terrible...much too big and buggy. 
And I wasn't crazy about the background either. 
So I went to work on her....
Since I always thought of her as either in a yoga pose or meditating I decided to close her eyes and make her more peaceful.
She looks much better with this face although her hair is really BIG! And I like the toned down background a lot better, too. When I got finished with her I got out another canvas...18" x 24"...and prepped it for another painting.
I have no idea what it will be 
but today I hope to begin working on it.

Whatever you do today I hope you have FUN!


  1. Great redo, Janet! The background doesn't compete with the woman so much now, and the new face is great! You learn and develop a lot in 3 years.

  2. I know it's fun for you to have your daughter around. Enjoy! Like your redo!

  3. I like the redo a lot,the two together could have been an ad for promoting Yoga....if you are stressed, well you get the idea.
    Glad M is liking her new job, hope all goes well for her. The new background looks like it will be fun to work with.

  4. I like the re-do too. It has an entirely different feel about it. Wishing you peaceful moments on this day.

  5. I like the re-do too. It has an entirely different feel about it. Wishing you peaceful moments on this day.

  6. Hi Janet, I'm back in blogland! I am sorry for my absence, I am trying to catch up. I am not working anymore so I am trying to heal my body...
    I love the redo of her, much better. LOve it!
    Hope you are well.Hugs and blessings

  7. The redo looks great, and so do your new canvas. I always try to avoid photos when using old papers/bookpages but now that I see yours I think I'll try some too.

  8. inglésespañolfrancésAlpha
    I think, you do not like your baby yoga because it lacks the touch that always characterizes girls .... your eyes are not like yours. This very beautiful and fantastic background contrasts with the yellow chick clothes I would not change a thing just another in that fund would make you prepared.
    My professor of design V, always told me, do not delete ever, always corrected with a paper sketch is copied over and making corrections.

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  10. that is a great re do! I prefer her in that peaceful mode! very nice!

  11. Your redo is great, Janet!
    Love the colors too... bold, fun, and alive :]
    How exciting, a new painting to create... enjoy the process.
    Have fun, always. ((hugs))

  12. Hi Janet...the redo of the painting is great!!! I'm sure you will enjoy having your daughter near you...even if you don't see her that often, at least, you know she's close. As I write this...it's middle of the week already. Where does the time go??

  13. wow its so great, and i love the hair it goes with the whole yoga thing, and wow that is big, make sure you show us what you have done.

  14. I really like the re-do, she looks more serene and in keeping with the yoga pose. Well done!

  15. As always,,,I LOVE YOUR ART!!! Glad your daughter got a job and likes it. Looking forward to what you do with new canvas!

  16. Congratulations to your daughter for finding a job so quickly. I hope that she will like it. As for the painting - isn't it interesting how our styles (and abilities) grow? The redone painting really has a completely different feel. Serene and lovely.

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